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Waiting room

… can just enter at will (public waiting rooms).

Synonyms of waiting room.

noun: anteroom, lounge; plural:waiting rooms, anterooms, lounges.

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… lie; noun: sofa, bed, divan, settee; plural: sofas, beds, divans, settees; related terms: lounge, sofa bed, convertible, daybed, divan bed, love seat, loveseat, tete-a-tete, vis-a-vis, squab.

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… barriers; related terms: barroom, ginmill, saloon, taproom, barrelhouse, honky-tonk, cocktail lounge, gin mill, pothouse, pub, public house, taphouse, saloon, room, sawdust saloon, speakeasy.

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… chairs, easy chairs, easy-chairs; related terms: arm, captain’s chair, chair, easy chair, lounge chair, overstuffed chair, fauteuil, Morris chair, recliner, reclining chair, lounger.

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… suit is a set of garments made from the same cloth, consisting of at least a jacket and trousers. Lounge suits are the most common style of Western suit, originating in the United Kingdom as country wear. Other types of suit still worn today are the dinner suit, part of black tie, which arose as a lounging alternative to dress coats in much the same way as the day lounge suit came to replace frock coats and morning coats; and, rarely worn today, the morning suit. This article discusses the …

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Departure (Exit)

… off, vacations, vanishing act, walkout, withdrawals, withdrawing; Related terms: depart, departure lounge, departure tax, breaking away, leave, French leave, disappearance, disappearing, withdrawal, sailing, boarding, embarkation, embarkment, dispatch, shipment, despatch, takeoff.

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Formal wear

… are white tie and black tie. In the UK, morning dress is standard formal day time clothing (a lounge suit being still considered informal dress), but in the US/Canada morning dress is rare, having been replaced with the stroller and then the lounge, or business suit. Morning dress, however, does remain in certain settings in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Synonyms of formal wear

noun: evening wear, full dress, formal cloth worn at an evening event; plural: evening wears, full …

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Living room

… for general everyday use.

Complete definition

A living room, also known as sitting room, lounge room or lounge (in the United Kingdom and Australia), is a room for entertaining adult guests, reading, or other activities. The term front room can also be used to describe a living room, because in many homes the living room is at the very front.

Synonyms of living room

noun: parlour, parlor, sitting room, parlour, parlor, lounge, drawing room, keeping room; plural: rooms, …

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In general:

Puppy (young dog) symbolizes spontaneity, innocence, trust and affection. Dreaming of puppy or puppies usually means, that you will be asked not to reject friendly courtesy from other people.



- Dreaming of puppy: you will help to innocent and unlucky people and for that you will get a gratitude;

- Also puppies in dream can be symbol: for an …

Comment by Gobbler: … fireplace in the lounge with six small puppies and they …

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- Stabbing rage.


-  Where in my life I really would like to sting?

General Meanings:

Low instincts – Wasp stands for “low” instincts, desires and feelings, especially rage, blind aggressiveness, hate or revenge about which the dreamer is warned. Sometimes it also symbolizes a familiar persons of whom you were (are or will be) deceived and harmed.

Comment by Lin: … leading into the lounge room. I could see movement over …

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- Weak point & place of torture.


- What or which injuries I can or must to heal now?

General Meanings:

Aggression and Inner Hurt Dreaming of any wounds or injuries stand for injured feelings. If the dreamer himself is the cause of the wound, or if he is injuring himself in the dream, then this is evidence of his aggression and his distrust in waking life.

Comment by Ash: … a man sat on a lounge chair next To me and appeared a …

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- Decomposition & insignificance. Degradation & irrelevance. Disintegration & unimportance.


- Where in my life I am prepared to assert myself?

In general:

In its basic meaning, the worm can stand for the penis. Depending on the gender of the dreamer and his attitude toward sexuality, the worm may be perceived as threatening. Worm stands for sexual and …

Comment by goose: Old fibre lounge seats in a long row. Man come …

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The type of a vehicle, in which, during the trip you can see the view of areas through which you travel.


What do I want to see while I change my life?

General Meanings:

Personality and mental growth  The train in generally symbolizes the striving of personal development and professional success. The dream shows that the dreamer monitors the environment which …

Comment by Felicity: I am laying on my lounge in the middle of a country town …

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