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… mean that sincere efforts are not of the others appreciated. It is quite guided by well-wishers. Shower (hot) promised better health, a cold shower is but for disappointments or failures, to get from bad to worse.


Do you need something to wash away by itself, so finally complete? Or remembers the shower of rain, especially if you are with clothes in the shower? Then you run the risk of being misunderstood and to apply as a stubborn. Think about how you come across to …

Comment by LIM Mich!: … were inside of the shower room he never did anything …

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- Spirit, energy, clean and purifying.


- In which areas of my life do I search for influence, inspiration or renewal?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:

- Huichol shamans: wisdom

Artemidoros Meanings:

Fire is functionally distinguished in two different kinds:

firstly the heaven and divine,

secondly the earth and the one which is used in everyday life.

In …

Comment by Melissa: … It was like a shower of ceiling boards. I kept …

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… or fiancée, spouse or just friends with benefits.

* Place can be bed in bedroom, bath or shower in bathroom, table in kitchen, own home or stranger’s house, open spaces – yard, park, beach, or private – car, hotel, motel.

* Please see meaning of adultery.

Description & Definition:

Short description

Infidelity is state of being unfaithful to partner or spouse.

Complete definition

Infidelity (colloquially cheating, adultery, or having an affair) …

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… bottle or pitcher, often into glassware.

Synonyms of pour.

verb: spill, flow, stream, shed, shower; past forms: poured, spilled, flowed, streamed, shedded, showered; noun: downpour, shower, drencher, casting; plural: downpours, showers, drenchers, castings.

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… is a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure light, or drafts, or water in the case of a shower curtain. A curtain is also the movable screen or drape in a theater that separates the stage from the auditorium or that serves as a backdrop.

Synonyms of curtain.

noun: screen, veil, drape, blind; plural:curtains, screens, veils, drapes, blinds.

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… A bathtub is usually placed in a bathroom either as a stand-alone fixture or in conjunction with a shower.

Synonyms of bathtub

noun: bath, tub; plural: bathtubs, baths, tubs.

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… that a priest is blessing the water and using for religious purposes: Health ;

- Hearing of shower – In the dream to hear sound of showering in the bath or in the shower or to hear sound of the fall of precipitation, such as rain, hail, or sleet in dream: means that you are judging yourself to hard, but also it can indicate that you will be judged hard by others;

- Bathing of others – To see that others are bathing in dream: you’re going to reconcile enemies.

M. Ibn …

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… stream or flow, as from a container.

Synonyms of pour

verb: spill, flow, stream, shed, shower; noun: downpour, shower, drencher, casting; plural: downpours, showers, drenchers, castings; related terms: pour forth, shed, spill, dribble, drip, drop, move, displace, transfuse, effuse, pour out, decant, pour out, belt down, bolt down, down, drink down, pour down, toss off, pop, kill; forms of verb pour: poured – past participle; poured – past tense; pours – 3rd person singular …

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… booths, stables; related terms: closet, confessional, polling booth, prompt box, prompter’s box, shower bath, shower stall, call box, phone booth, telephone booth, telephone box, telephone kiosk, tolbooth, tollbooth, tollhouse, voting booth.

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… strew, besprinkle, spatter; noun: sprinkling; plural: sprinklings; related terms: scattering, rain shower, shower.

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… bathe.

Complete definition

A bathroom is a room for bathing in containing a bathtub or a shower and optionally a toilet, a sink/hand basin/wash basin and possibly also a bidet.

Synonyms of bathroom

noun: toilet, lavatory, restroom, water closet, washroom, loo, bath, can; plural: toilets, lavatories, restrooms, water closets, washrooms, loos, baths, cans.

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… A bathtub is usually placed in a bathroom either as a stand-alone fixture or in conjunction with a shower.

Synonyms of bathtub

noun: bath, tub; plural: baths, tubs; related terms: bathroom, footbath, hot tub, hip bath, sitz bath, vessel.

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… lineages; related terms: change of location, travel, drop, fall, lightening, set, cascade, shower, sinking, slide.

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Smother with kisses

… noun: buss, osculation, peck; plural: busses, osculations, pecks; related terms: overwhelm, cover, shower, surround, heap, shroud, inundate, envelop, cocoon.

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In general:

If the dreamer in his dream perceives grape this points out that he has a need for celebration and ceremony. A dream of grapes suggests that in the life of the dreamer had been too little fun and laugh. Best way to change this is to bring creativity into life.


When grapes appear in dreams, then this maybe indicate a sacrifice. The dreamer has to give up …

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… of creating flood conditions.

Synonyms of cloudburst

noun: cloud-burst, downpour, deluge, shower, rainstorm, rain; plural: cloud-bursts, cloudbursts, rains, deluges, showers, downpours.

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Psychological Meanings:

Cutlery in a dream directs our attention to the food culture and eating habits. Food is related with basic needs and their refinement. The cutlery helps to run through this cultivation process. Pay attention to that, from what the cutlery is made of, whether it has special forms. In addition, with it comes the importance of decomposition and the analysis.

Fork …

Comment by Cynthia Baniassad: … he was in the shower and was frustrated and …

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European (Judeo-Christian)

- have dealt with it and successfully lead to the end: it will be all right;

- can not provide the requested object: business difficulties.


- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- None dream explanation in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A short trip taken to …

Comment by Abiodun Sulaiman: … stood under the shower with his clothes on. He came …

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- Wisdom, subtlety, inscrutability.


Where is my wisdom? What I keep to myself?


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to visit Asia in a dream: sure sign of change, but you can pull out of no material benefit.

Arabian (Islamic)

- to go there or be there in a dream: you will have the opportunity to help others.

Explanation & Definition:

Comment by Fran: … Mountains before meteor hit but I’ve never even been …

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Primeval fear.


What are the basic fears I have?

General Meanings:

Threatening feelings Alligator (crocodile) is often experienced as threatening creature because he embodies superseded needs, experiences, fears, feelings and the other unconscious contents. However, at the same time he also stands for wisdom and experience of the unconscious and may request to …

Comment by Towmeah: … ran the walk in shower and an alligator was in there. …

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Elimination & refuse from the past.


What I’m willing to forget?

General Meanings:

Excrement (excreta, feces, urine) often points to an immature personality, perhaps also on appropriate sexual perversions which arise from the immaturity. The dream of feces shows that the dreamer returns to childish forms of expression and amusement. Possibly, it has not …

Comment by jesse: … going to take a shower and crap(solid) was coming out …

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