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ATTENTION: If you notice numbers in a dream, so you should try to play in a lottery. These numbers should bring a good luck. Those who want to save time and see symbolism immediately, should use shortcuts and jump directly to numbers: Zero 0, One 1, Two 2, Three 3, Four 4, 5, Six 6, Seven 7, Eight 8, Nine 9, Ten 10, Eleven 11, Twelve 12, Thirteen 13. For better understanding of dream about exact number, one also should look in dedicated page for… Continue reading

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One (number 1)

…, new love and etc. Arabian (Islamic) – Luck if you see number one – You can expect some luck in your life. * Please, see meaning of numbers. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A numerical value equal to 1; the first number in the set of natural numbers (especially in number theory); the cardinality of the smallest nonempty set. Ordinal: first. Complete definition 1 (one; /ˈwʌn/ or UK /ˈwɒn/) is a number, a numeral, and the… Continue reading

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Three (number 3)

Association: – Trinity, balance of opposites; sociability. Question: – How to connect the opposites that are inside me? In general: The three since the immemorial time is as a magic number.  In the dream,  three has the symbolic meaning of spirit and creative power. But also in the various religions the three has a great importance.  For example, of the Holy Trinity and in the Hindu religion Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are a divine trinity. Psychol… Continue reading

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Four (number 4)

Association: – Stability; Matter; Strength; Aspiration of earthly things. Question: Where can I be the most suitable in my life? In general: Dreaming of number 4 stand for a good omen. The four and the square (a quadrilateral, quadrangle etc.) are integrity, solidity symbols and almost always have affirmative meaning in the dreams. Psychologically: Number four and the square are symbols of wholeness and have positive meanings in the dream. It i… Continue reading

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Two (number 2)

…Please, see meaning of numbers. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Equivalent to the sum of one and one. Complete definition 2 (Two; i/ˈtuː/) is a number, numeral, and glyph. It is the natural number following 1 and preceding 3. Synonyms of two. noun: deuce, couple, pair, twain…. Continue reading

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Multiplication table

…ism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – None dream explanation in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A table showing the products of each of the integers from 1 to 10 (or, especially formerly, 12) with each of the integers from 1 to 10 (or 12). Complete definition In mathematics, a multiplication table (sometimes, less formally, a times table) is a mathematical table used to defi… Continue reading

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Twelve (12)

Psychologically: This number indicates the hour of the Messiah, translated: you can reach everything by their own victims. If in a dream is eleven fifty-five, then it is right time to take the initiative in waking life. The Twelve is like the number Ten – a whole symbol. The ancient Babylonians saw in 12 a the whole sacred number symbolism. The Twelve is understandable as a picture for completeness, because we have twelve months in the ye… Continue reading

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Five (number 5)

Association: – Quintessence; change; celebration. Question: – What can I display in me? What abilities do I have? In general: Success – If number five (5) appears in the dream, the success is not so far. All your skills which you develop can bring you luck.You have to trust yourself and your potency. Nature gift – Five is the number of natural, fresh life. Everything comes from you as a nature gift which you have inside you. You shou… Continue reading

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Eight (number 8)

…(number 8): Short definition Equivalent to the product of two and four; one more than seven, or two less than ten; 8. Complete definition 8 (eight /ˈeɪt/) is the natural number following 7 and preceding 9. The SI prefix for 10008 is yotta (Y), and for its reciprocal, yocto (y). It is the root word of two other numbers: eighteen (eight and ten) and eighty (eight tens). Linguistically, it is derived from Middle English eighte. Synonyms of Eight (… Continue reading

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Eleven (number 11)

…ime – can also symbolize a barely unresolvable conflict. * Please, see meaning of one, numbers. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The cardinal number occurring after ten and before twelve. Represented as 11 in Arabic digits. Complete definition 11 (eleven) is the natural number following 10 and preceding 12. Synonyms of eleven. noun: 11, XI; related terms: large integer, football team, line backer, linebacker, field genera… Continue reading

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Ten (number 10)

Association: – Start at a higher level. Question: – What have I learned? Psychologically: The ten include the numbers from one to nine. Among other things it has to be understood as a whole symbol. As a dream symbol 10 (tens) means a new beginning. Thus a new phase of life or a new stage of development. This figure with the one behind it and the “host” zero seems to indicate loneliness. But it has to do the same with property and inc… Continue reading

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100 (number one hundred)

100 Number One Hundred Symbolism – general and spiritual meanings, psychoanalytical characteristics and practical significance: General Meaning of Number 100 in a dream: One hundred symbolizes the creation of self from the chaotic beginning and nothingness. Specifically this number shows the dreamer’s achievements. 100 stands for individuality and intellectual independence due self-knowledge. One hundred also means complete wholeness of t… Continue reading

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Dice (Cube)

…ying with dice, mean no harm. * Please, see also house, cube, square, numbers and relevant number. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A cube with each side having a different number of spots on it, ranging from 1 to 6. Thrown and used in gambling and other games. Complete definition A die (plural dice, from Old French dé, from Latin datum “something which is given or played”) is a small throwable object with multiple r… Continue reading

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In general: The first after the original numbers 1 to 12. He symbolizes death, but with it the rebirth, not the accident. Psychologically: It is the secret of the wise and lucky number always to interpret the dream context. * Please, see meaning of numbers. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The cardinal number occurring after twelve and before fourteen, represented in Roman numerals as XIII and in Arabic numerals as 13. Complete… Continue reading

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…that the vast majority of ancestors of humans (and indeed any other species) are multiply related (see Pedigree collapse). Consider n = 40: the human species is more than 40 generations old, yet the number 240, approximately 1012 or one trillion, dwarfs the number of humans that have ever lived. Ignoring the possibility of other inter-relationships (even distant ones) among ancestors, an individual has a total of 2046 ancestors up to the 10th ge… Continue reading

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…weapons such as bronze crossbow bolts and steel swords found at the Terracotta Army. It later came to the attention of the West when it was discovered by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin in the mineral crocoite (lead(II) chromate) in 1797. Crocoite was used as a pigment, and after the discovery that the mineral chromite also contains chromium, this mineral was used to produce pigments as well. Synonyms of chromium noun: chrome; plural: chromes; related… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European – Counting of your own children and to see that they are happy and nice: the children will live their lives with no problems and go to honorable positions; – To count people in dream: power, dignity and ambition fulfilled, lucky numbers: 3, 7, 9, 11 and 17; – To count money: you are lucky and you can pay your debt; – To count in dream anything for yourself: predicts good fortune; – To count another person money or other… Continue reading

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Address book

Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Misfortune if see from outside – In your dream you see the address book from outside this shows that your certain requirements and wishes will not be achieved; Bigger family if browse for something in it – You are browsing some information in the book, this announces you family growth; Losses if find a known name in it – You notice the name that you know somebody with such a nam… Continue reading

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Dominoes (domino)

…you know will torment you; Irritation if play (known game) – Some people will tease you because of their stupid thoughts. Definition of Dominoes (domino): Short definition A tile divided into two squares, each having 0 to 6 dots or pips (as in dice), used in the game of dominoes. Complete definition Dominoes (or dominos) generally refers to the collective gaming pieces making up a domino set (sometimes called a deck or pack) or to the su… Continue reading

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Association: Redemption and temptation. Question: Where in my life I was successful or am I a failure? * Please, see meaning of numbers. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The cardinal number after thirty-two and before thirty-four. Complete definition 33 (thirty-three) is the natural number following 32 and preceding 34. Synonyms of thirty-three noun: 33, xxxiii; related terms: cardinal…. Continue reading

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Association: Protection, decoration. Question: How far I am in intimacy? What I want to show? In general: The dream is to remain somewhat hidden by the curtain. Therefore it is very important for the interpretation of dreams, what is behind the curtain. Often the curtain is a vision for the uncertainty and caution of the dreamer. But deception and isolation can be represented by this file. When you open the curtains in the dream, and come others… Continue reading

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