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…ry branches supported clear of the ground on a single main stem or trunk with clear apical dominance. A minimum height specification at maturity is cited by some authors, varying from 3 m to 6 m; some authors set a minimum of 10 cm trunk diameter (30 cm girth). Woody plants that do not meet these definitions by having multiple stems and/or small size are usually called shrubs, although many trees such as Mallee do not meet such definitions. Compa… Continue reading

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All Saints

…festival. Complete definition All Saints’ Day (in the Roman Catholic Church officially the Solemnity of All Saints and also called All Hallows or Hallowmas), often shortened to All Saints, is a solemnity celebrated on 1 November by parts of Western Christianity, and on the first Sunday after Pentecost in Eastern Christianity, in honour of all the saints, known and unknown. In the Western calendar it is the day after Halloween and the day… Continue reading

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…d that I was a pregnant centaur. Can you help me? sealtaur i was looking at my father, who recently passed away, sleeping orf resting on the bed near a wide glass window. When i looked outside the window i saw a centaur about 10 feet away picking something from an open pit with his human body and fore legs into the open pit while his hind legs outside. When the centaur noticed me looking at him, he rushed jump out of the pit and before he gallope… Continue reading

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…rom the ground and go higher than building. oscar i had a dream that my sisters hair was on fire? what was that dream about? zakia I dreamed that my family house was on fire. My dead grandmother was in it. she been dead since 2010. what does that mean? bev All I can remember clearly is that I was on a call when the fire brigadephoned me tell me my home was on fire.this i my dream was not a shock as I haf been expecting them to ring.I had started… Continue reading

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…en I looked up at the sky and saw a cloud which was shaped like a baby Ayhu Apa arti mimpi melihat awan berbentu tangan dan seperti sayap?? Prince I have had two dreams about clouds. The first was in 1997 and the other was in 2008.

In 1997, I dreamed and saw at first, a very clear blue sky and later, words appeared in uppercase letters. I tried to read the words but failed because a stormy light (or transparent) white cloud appeared over them… Continue reading

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…ream plz let me know Barbara What about animatronic goats jumping fences? Anyone? Buhle I dream about a white male got my two brothers were giving me as a gift pet Richard I play poker professionally but ATM my biggest win is 20k…

I had a dream where you could actually keep your last cards if you didn’t play them and take them to another table and/or stakes…

Ie when you get aces at low stakes, take them over to the high stakes table. L… Continue reading

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Twelve (12)

sm. The Twelve is understandable as a picture for completeness, because we have twelve months in the year, also the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve apostles. * See also dreams about Midnight, Numbers… * 12, 1, 2, 11:55, 11, 55, numbers…… Continue reading

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In general: Diadem may represent exaggerated quest for recognition, distinction and honor with which one makes but ridiculous. Sometimes it shows up as a symbol of consciousness and mind, the importance can be resolved only from the individual life circumstances. The tiara in a dream is also a recognition of the power of the female and shows the ability to use mental or intellectual ability to obtain a dominant position. Psychologically: With a… Continue reading

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In general: A sign of insecurity. They have lost important things in life the index. Give yourself time and force anything. Let’s affairs is slowly developing. Watch for subsequent dreams that connect to them. Chaotic states in a dream to reveal mental anxiety, feelings that can not be classified. The chaos in my dream is to be taken literally in its meaning. As an archetypal symbol of the chaos before the creation of the state means. Cons… Continue reading

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…nd Eve; sometimes identified as part of Mesopotamia. Complete definition The Garden of Eden (Hebrew גַּן עֵדֶן, Gan ʿEdhen), is the biblical “garden of God”, described most notably in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 2-3), but also mentioned, directly or indirectly, in Ezekiel, Isaiah and elsewhere in the Old Testament. In the past the favoured derivation of the name “Eden” was from the Akkadian edinnu, itself derived from a… Continue reading

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…ing, going, or growing water towards home: one is resisting to difficulty; – Going back at home – Dreaming of water that is moving back: you will not give dangerous influences; – 1. To empty a boat of water by bailing; 2. Water is entering in ship – 1. Dreaming that you’re bailing the water out and getting feet wet; 2. Dreaming that dirty water is rising and entering in ship: anger, disease and poverty will impose (or are impos… Continue reading

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…ay attention to symbols, the transitions to something, symbolize different and new, and try to consolidate these transitions and stabilize with affirmations and daydream technique, you are prepared to transit to the new way. 2. The unknown space or the unknown land in the dream: Each new territory which we enter in a dream is a symbol of new possibilities. Very often we find a new room in the house that is known for us or we travel to a country… Continue reading

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Psychologically: When dream waltz seen during wakefulness the heaven full of violins, but also someone you can legally occur while dancing to his feet.If you watching other dancing a waltz in a dream , in every day life he does not feel comfortable in his own skin because he considers to make other happier. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – Watch a: predicts that one cultivates a relationship with a fun and adventurous person; – Danc… Continue reading

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…ally associated with and produced by cumulonimbus clouds, but also occurring during volcanic eruptions or in dust storms. From this discharge of atmospheric electricity, a leader of a bolt of lightning can travel at speeds of 220,000 km/h (140,000 mph), and can reach temperatures of about 30,000 °C (54,000 °F), hot enough to fuse silica sand into glass channels known as fulgurites, which are normally hollow and can extend as much as several meter… Continue reading

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…s a crew member of a spacecraft. While generally reserved for professional space travelers, the terms are sometimes applied to anyone who travels into space, including scientists, politicians, journalists, and tourists. Until 2002, astronauts were sponsored and trained exclusively by governments, either by the military, or by civilian space agencies. With the sub-orbital flight of the privately-funded SpaceShipOne in 2004, a new category of astro… Continue reading

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…tain. Im getting goose bump just thinking about it. lalas when you meet your self in your former house or where you serve your master in the past Dreamer hi Cristela u have a serious gift don’t dash it away, just except it. I 2 dream often and they come 2 pass Karly Me and one of my childhood friends, who I hardly ever see, were driving to the restaurant I work at. It happened to be on the edge of a very steep Mountain. I remember thinking we wer… Continue reading

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Sky in desert

…tion A desert is a landscape or region that receives an extremely low amount of precipitation, less than enough to support growth of most plants. Deserts are defined as areas with an average annual precipitation of less than 250 millimetres (10 in) per year, or as areas where more water is lost by evapotranspiration than falls as precipitation. The sky is the part of the atmosphere or outer space visible from the surface of any astronomical obje… Continue reading

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…marked with an Advent calendar, a practice introduced by German Lutherans. At least in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Moravian, Presbyterian and Methodist calendars, Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25, the Sunday from November 27 to December 3 inclusive. Latin adventus is the translation of the Greek word parousia, commonly used in reference to the Second Coming of Christ. For Christians, the season of Advent serves as… Continue reading

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Daphney It was about 1 am when I dream taking a stand of leading @ the prayer meating I was singing ” U ya halalela , U ya halalela Modimo wa rona ”
I was praising & worshiping God like never before… Continue reading

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In general: The mine and all of its working people or machines symbolize the inner workings of the dreaming and the resources thus brought to light the unconscious. The dreamer is in a position to exploit the potential available to him. If the mine intact, it is just such a spiritual life or the desire for it, it is perceived as threatening and dark, you should not strive too much to ponder about the things in life and retire from the environmen… Continue reading

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Association: Pursuit, success through effort. Question: What am I ready to get? In general: Mount according to the ancient Egyptians rise up when the mountain is too steep in a dream, obstacles in the life of the dreamer, which will be overcome only with great physical effort. Mountain can often get a better overview of the future life or symbolize impending obstacles. He points to problems that loom ahead. The exact meaning arises from the diff… Continue reading

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