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Wine bottles

… masculine.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Happy travel if see wine bottles in a dream – This dream shows that soon you will have a happy visit;

Sad days if dreaming of empty or broken bottles of wine – This shows sad thoughts and many sorrows in your family;

Too much love if break a wine bottle by yourself in a dream (breaking of wine bottles) - This signifies excess of love and passion, you are tired about them.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Rich …

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In general:

If you dream of the Bible or other religious books, it typically means that the traditional moral principles is conscious. The man needs a code of conduct, which helps him to survive. Bible has a close relationship with the right path that you go in life, with morals, standards and rules that we follow as a guideline.

- To see bible in a dream, which usually confirms that he lives …

Comment by Elizabeth Taylor: … of it with ancient bottles of perfume. The bible belong …

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Palm wine

… isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam.

* Please, see meaning of wine, wine glasses, wine bottles.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

An alcoholic drink made from palm sap.

Complete definition

Palm wine also called kallu(Tamil: கள்ளு, Malayalam: കള്ള്), palm toddy, or simply toddy (Hindi: ताड़ी), is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms and coconut …

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Garden Heliotrope flower (Heliotropium arborescens)

… of the borage family, cultivated for its fragrant purple or blue flowers, which are used in perfume.

Complete definition

The Garden Heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens) is a highly fragrant perennial plant, originally from Peru. It is especially notable for its intense, rather vanilla-like fragrance. Common names include cherry pie and “common heliotrope”. Note that the common name “garden heliotrope” may also refer to Valerian (herb).

Synonyms of Garden Heliotrope …

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Hot water bottle

… of heat to a specific part of the body.

Synonyms of hot water bottle.

plural: hot water bottles.

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Eau de Cologne

… de Cologne or simply Cologne (German: Kölnisch Wasser, “Water of Cologne”) is a toiletry, a perfume in a style that originated from Cologne, Germany. However, it has come be a generic term for scented formulations in typical concentration of 2-5% essential oils, or a blend of extracts, alcohol, and water. (For further detail on distinctions, see Perfumes).

Synonyms of eau de Cologne

noun: cologne water, cologne; plural: cologne waters, colognes; related terms: perfume, essence.

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… There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- floral fragrance or perfume: get good news in the near future, but you should check on the veracity.

* Please, see meaning of smell, perfume.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A distinctive odour or smell.

Complete definition

An odor or odour (commonly referred to as a smell) is caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds, generally at a very low concentration, …

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Beer bottle

… amber or brown glass greatly reduces UV light from spoiling the beer. However, lighter colored bottles are often used for marketing reasons.

Synonyms of Beer bottle

- ; related terms: bottle.

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… This population decline is due to extensive hunting for fur, for glands used as medicine and perfume, and because their harvesting of trees and flooding of waterways may interfere with other land uses.

Synonyms of beaver

noun: beaver fur; plural; beaver furs; related terms: fur, pelt.

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… as an important source of raw materials for organic synthesis; and as constituents of incense and perfume. Plant resins have a very long history that was documented in ancient Greece by Theophrastus, in ancient Rome by Pliny the Elder, and especially in the resins known as frankincense and myrrh, prized in ancient Egypt. These were highly prized substances, and required as incense in some religious rights. Amber is a hard fossilized resin from ancient trees.

Synonyms of resin

verb: …

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… spice; noun: flavour, savor, savour, taste, relish, aroma, smack, odour, fragrance, odor, scent, perfume, fragrancy, smell, flavouring, flavoring; plural: flavours, savors, savours, tastes, relishes, aromas, smacks, odours, fragrances, odors, scents, perfumes, fragrancies, smells, flavourings, flavorings; related terms: gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, taste, taste perception, taste sensation, lemon, vanilla.

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… of a friend;

- followed by disputes and breach of friendship;

- does a young woman with clear bottles of ammonia: it is in character a pretended friend deceive.

- also: risk of illness or accident; go up a long time, no risks.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A colorless gas with a characteristic pungent smell. It dissolves in water to give a strongly alkaline solution.

Complete definition

Ammonia or azane is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with …

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Wine cellar

… in which wine is stored.

Complete definition

A wine cellar is a storage room for wine in bottles or barrels, or more rarely in carboys, amphorae or plastic containers. In an active wine cellar, important factors such as temperature and humidity are maintained by a climate control system. In contrast, passive wine cellars are not climate-controlled, and are usually built underground to reduce temperature swings. An aboveground wine cellar is often called a wine room, while a small …

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… will reach your desired object or goals after many disappointments;

Successful results if see bottles of whisky – It is a warning that you should be more cautious with money transactions. If you work accompanied by watchfulness and commitment, then you will have reasonable success;

Hurting friends if drinking alone whisky – Dreaming that you are drinking whisky alone, this predicts that you will hurt your friends through selfishness;

Losing friends if destroy bottle or glass …

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… and so are the dreams also refer repeatedly to the new circumstances.

For example: if a perfume retailer dreamed that he had no more nose. Then he gave up his business, because without nose – no smell and he could no longer practice his profession. After his career change he had that dream again. But this time he was caught with forgery and had to flee to a foreign country. This time, meant the loss of the nose, that his face was ugly, he seemed to have lost his face – so he …

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Pleasant smell

… smell

verb: scent, sniff, stink, nose, reek; noun: scent, odor, odour, nose, fragrance, aroma, perfume, fragrancy, flavour, stench.

Synonyms of pleasant

adjective: nice, agreeable, pleasing, enjoyable, sweet, jolly, pleasurable, likable, lovely, good, merry, pretty, likeable, delightful.

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European (Judeo-Christian)

- to dream container means that you will receive a gift that you had been expected earlier.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

An item in which objects, materials or data can be stored or transported.

Complete definition

A receptacle, such as a carton, can, or jar, in which material is held or carried.

Synonyms …

Comment by Jian: … like thermos bottles that seem as high as a cliff. …

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Ring (jewellery)


- Obligation, promise, oath.


- With what I want to unite myself?

General Meanings:

A ring in a dream usually stands for a relationship. It is not necessarily a love relationship, which the dreamer has to another human being, and sometimes they are too narrow and impede the self-development. A wedding ring symbolizes a permanent bond and a promise. A ring seal or …

Comment by LyteWeaver: … $8 for 3 2 litre bottles. I dont actally remember taking …

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Suggestion & Addiction.


From what do I want to deflect myself?

General Meanings:

The self damage instrument of our times! A substitute of satisfaction, because the soul sucks appreciatively something. Sometimes called also as an erotic dream.

Psychological Meanings:

Opposite meaning The cigarette has two different meanings in the dream: firstly, it is a …

Comment by Lana: … box was a few mini bottles of sensual massage oils hidden …

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