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General Meanings:

In the dream a picture is usually the illustration of a part of life. Image (photography, painting) often leads to the expression, that seeks greater self-knowledge, to complete the picture of yourself or to correct it.

Dreaming self-painted picture, then this can go to this very deep feelings and thoughts about relation with a person or a life circumstance.

A painting of an old master in the dream, …

Comment by bmwzoom: … where several picture frames start out empty,then the …

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… in my life? Where I lost the control of my life?

General Meanings:

In general the dream about falling indicates insecurities, unstable life and fears of the dreamer.

Falling dream interpretation by S.Freud

According to S.Freud the dream about the falling represents decreased libido and sexual needs. The dreamer has much lower sexual needs than he had before. There are some factors that lowered the desire to get a pleasure or the dreamer avoids the actual sexual intercourse with …

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… do I need to be separated? What will be separated? What is on the other side?

In general:

Wall sometimes shows that you need security, but it can also indicate that you will be limited in their self-development.Frequently it comes to insurmountable obstacles and difficulties, against which one dashing vain, that may be because of they are trying to solve the wrong way.


Everything that surrounds us personally, has the same meaning as a garment, a house, a wall and so …

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Wall plaster

… after setting, and can be easily manipulated with metal tools or even sandpaper.

Synonyms of wall plaster.

noun: gypsum, parget, adhesive plaster, stucco, mortar.

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Whiteboard (wall board, wallboard)

… surface for nonpermanent markings.

Synonyms of whiteboard

Noun: white-board, wallboard, wall-board, blackboard, black-board, markerboard, writeboard, writing board; Plural: whiteboards, white-boards, wallboards, wall-boards, blackboards, black-boards, markerboards, writeboards, writing boards.

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… – Dreaming about frozen water: announces a threat;

- Fall into it – Dreaming about falling into water: indicates a great tribulation;

- Wade – Dreaming about walking into water or through water: points to rescue from danger;

- Walk along – Dreaming about walking in parallel and close to water: promises good actions;

- Spill – Dreaming of spilling water: fear and sorrow;

- Hot - Dreaming about drinking hot water: enemies who will cause trouble; …

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… & Definition:

Short explanation

The process or art of using paint, in a picture, as a protective coating, or as decoration.

Complete definition

Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface (support base). The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush but other objects can be used. In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action. However, painting is also used outside of art as a …

Comment by Art: … I was painting a wall. Paint on wall – first time so …

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Precipice (Cliff)

… is an aspect of the unknown part, which every person must face at some point in life. Behind the picture hides risky undertakings, which the dreamer has to tackle without knowing what will come out. Precipice can be interpreted differently, depending on the circumstances. The following symbols are quite often faced with a similar meaning:

Upcoming dangers and overcoming them To look to a precipice may mean that you look into your own unconscious and perceive things, which you would …

Comment by Migdalia Gonzalez-Soto: … to hug the rock wall and put your feet on the tiny …

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… one: means loss of money or property & also brings a disappointment;

- If you see blood after falling down of mountain: means serious crisis in situation of your life;

- Climbing in rocky mountain without success to reach the summit: you should expect some crises in your life;

- To wake up, when you arrive at a dangerous point (or to wake up in any other situation on mountain): dreary affairs will get a positive change;

- To climb with great efforts: it shows us how hard we will get to …

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Being invisible (invisibility)

… that something is invisible in his dream, this represents as a prompt, just simply to perceive the picture without interpreting it immediately. The dream figure of male or feminine which seems to be invisible can sometimes represent the dreamer’s shadow. In both men’s and women’s dreams this will have the same gender and will embody the dreamer. According to ancient Egyptian invisibility shows that slander escapes which appears as in the dream.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual …

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Islamic Water

… back from the water to dry land in a dream, it means that he will satisfy his needs or desire.

Falling into a deep sea or a deep river but not reaching the bottom of it in the dream means wealth and prosperity, for the world in a dream represents a deep ocean.

ggg If one falls into a river and if he is overcome by water in a dream, it means that he will fall sick.

ggg If he drowns in a river in a dream, it means his death.

Falling into water in a dream also could mean happiness, joy, …

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… better environment and better conditions, which is partially achieved; toil and trouble;

- hang a picture: it seeks a new guideline for life.

Arabian (Islamic)

- to see something hanged: horror;

- yourself: some misfortune;

- be hanged: you would get too high and reputation;

- hang a different look: you come into a major case too late.

* Please, see meaning of gallows.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The practice of hanging condemned people as a form …

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… as possible.

Success and relaxation The cautiously step by step descent through the rock wall is understood: a special achievement brought you to the peak of success. The exhaustion follows the joy now – you can enjoy the end which you reached with your efforts.

Fear of losses (Slip = risk) Descent through a dirty or wet stairs into a dark room (basement) means the loss of benefits, social or social decline – or the fear of it.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual …

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… block for a secure livelihood. By ancient Indian dream book’s interpretation, to brick up wall means, that you must be more careful with money spending. Roof tiles means, that it is safe and you can feel safe.


A house is built with bricks, a roof covered. They translated as the design forces of our body. Those who build with them, provides in waking life for the personal well-being, it can also link to the construction of a new existence in which one starts over …

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Diamond ring

… what is cause of bad dream scenario.

Bad dreams about diamond rings and their meanings:

Falling diamonds – Dreaming about diamond falling out of the ring meaning:

If diamond or diamonds are falling out of the ring – such dream indicates that the dreamer is losing something very important in his life;

For married couples, for man and for woman this dream is a clear indication of fears and worries about marital status; Maybe there is some uncertainty related to marriage or …

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In general:

Wall suggests small obstacles that you overcome easily. Moreover, it may show the need for protection and safety or warn before lame excuses that are easily seen through.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- To see a hill: you will conquer all adversities in your own house.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- To see:do not let you stay out of stupid things.

Arabian (Islamic)

- You will …

Meta-data: Wall Muralla Rempart Bastione

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… – Signifies that you have good prospects, points to a successful life;

Adventure  if tear off tree with fruits – This dream brings you an unusual and exciting, experience or activity.

Happiness if shake – When you in the dream shake the tree, this means that you will feel happy satisfaction and enjoyment in your life;

Strong position or unpopularity  if climb or sit on – In the dream you climb or sit on the tree shows advantage and honor or your too big ambition can …

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… there the enemies will come near or rule infertility in these areas. Worst of all is, when you see falling down fire on the earth. Burning torches in the sky mean the same. All these phenomena bring on danger over the head of the dreamer. Because like the sky (above-ground) towers above the universe, so the head – the body.

Looking at the fire, which is used in everyday life, with small and pure flame, it is like blessing, but if it blazes enormously and unrestrained, it shows the evil. …

Comment by justin juniour: … managed to put it off. Kindly, Help. Best regards …

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… pursue a wolf: you will overcome all threats;

- Try to kill wolf or to see killed wolf: you turn off treacherous opponents, who want to embarrass you.


- The wolf means a greedy rulers.

- Dream of fighting with a wolf: you will have a dispute;

- If the dreamer kills wolf: he is a powerful person & he will destroy his opponents;

- If the wolf grabbed or bitten him: he will have to endure violence and pain of an unjust and greedy enemy;

- To see wolves in a pack: you will …

Comment by Beverley: … evilly by cutting off there heads or slicing into there …

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… management;

- Illness If it rains – You are dreaming that you see rain falling from clouds this means trouble and illness;

- Happiness If  moving clouds – The clouds are passing by in your dream, you can expect a better future;

- Award If the sun shines through the clouds –  Dreaming of bright transparent clouds through which the sun shines announces success after troubles;

- Wonderful life If sees light clouds – To see …

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Teeth (tooth)

… circumstances:

Healthy teeth promises success and material gains.

Poor, loose or falling out teeth warn of failures and losses.

Dental seal on teeth urges not to displace problems, but to solve them right now.

One tooth is pulled out, then you have to recon with financial difficulties or unfulfilled expectations.

You pulled out teeth yourself, or you pulled out teeth from another person’s mouth: you can pull the problems of a human with the help of others and …

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