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… Question:

What do I know only depending on the senses? How nosy I am?

General Meanings:

Positive meanings:

Honor and prosperity in ancient Indian explanation if nose is red – the one who has nose that is red will get rich and respected by others;

Symbol of sexual needs if dream of nose – sometimes the nose can be interpreted as the sexual symbol, because of it’s senses. The bigger the nose, the bigger sexual desires the dreamer has.

Negative meanings:

Nose as the …

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… On the psychological level the music represents an emotional state of the dreamer.

The positive and negative meanings of the dream

To understand better your dream, you have got to realise what the mood you were in while hearing that music. Positive feelings causes positive emotions and negative feelings causes negative emotions.

The external stimulus and the music

Sometimes the dreamer is affected by the external stimulus which causes dreams about music. For example someone …

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… as for example the childhood, where the dreamer interpreted the sexual act as a sin.

On the positive note, the sexuality is the primal need for intimacy and the way to find the union with another person. Those who have no sexual partners in their lives have more of sexual dreams, than those who have the sexual partners in their lives, because of the mental state of their mind is occupied with the thoughts rather than feelings. The energy that is hidden deep in their mind is expressed …

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Kiss / Kissing

… kissing is the pleasant gesture which sometimes is followed by nice words and actions. The positive omens come only when the dreamer is kissing those he likes and loves, otherwise the dream can have a negative meaning. If the enemy has kissed you, prepare yourself for the lost of the battle. Alternatively, there is a possibility to become even and reach the peace with the ones the dreamer was fighting with.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of cannibalism, lips, mouth, …

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… ideas and problems he had in a day time. Such person keeps flying in a dream, which is a very positive feature, because he gets proper sleep and rest while dreaming of flying.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual aspect, the dream about flying indicates the spiritual freedom the dreamer has or wishes to have.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Success if flying very high – to fly highly in the sky even without wings, denotes to happiness and free spirit you …

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… to express the suppressed emotions and feelings. Consider, dreams of wild animals is a good and positive omen, because only in them the energy of life is expressed the way we want.

Domestic animals

Domestic animals also have an important meaning in your dream, only it is interpreted lighter, because they are already tamed and more close to human nature. Otherwise, the domestic animals play much more important role than wild ones. People share the life with them day by day, not seeing …

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… The hunting is very normal and natural for human beings, however in dreams it doesn’t have such positive meaning, it is interpreted as bad omen. Hunting causes many emotions and the circumstances such as danger, complications and fear leads to unhappiness and losses. However, it is always better to be the one who is hunting, instead of being the one that is hunted by someone. The two differences make the dream more clear to be explained.

* Please, see meaning of animals.

Definition of …

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… soul.


Chamomile is the plant that is known for many years. It brought many positive elements to human beings. Chamomile can be used in many different ways – as very tasty tea, has been used to cure many illnesses and diseases. This plant is also used as natural moisture for the skin. Many women use the tea of chamomile to soothe pain during menstruates. There are also some negative impacts while using chamomile, for example it can cause uterine contractions which …

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… guessing the right numbers in the lotto, it means that the presumption you had will confirm in a positive way;

Socialization if somebody won the lottery – to see other person, but not yourself winning lotto promises many friends, which will be brought together;

Will be a victim if lost in the lottery – the lost of the lottery denotes to sacrifice you will take or will become a victim for something you don’t want;

Unreliable marriage if young woman plays lottery – such …

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… that usually scares us in the dreams. Consider, that in ancient times the lion was always a positive symbol, therefore we should not be afraid of dreams that are related to lions. The main explanations of the dreams that are related to lions are:

The lion express the creativity and mental strength of the dreamer. These are the fundamental characteristics of the dreamer which must be developed as much as it is possible if he wants to move forward;

It has been noticed that people …

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… that lies within you is no more the part of you, and you are becoming better person, having only positive features. This dream could be called as a process of rebirth and new beginning.

Psychological Meanings:

In reality the death has only negative impacts, however in dreams it is only a symbol transformation and not a signal of actual death. Consider, that what dies in a dream it is replaced with something new. Dreams of death very often shows the aspects of your personality which you …

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… the snake, then it indicates your fears of sexual intercourse, close friendship or commitment.

Positive symbolism – In general, the interpretation of snake in positive way has symbolism of healing, freeing, protecting augury. Also as a positive symbol, snake symbolize knowledge and wisdom. Other meaning of snake as good omen foretells self-renewal, spiritual independence or rebirth, along with any other kind of positive transformations.

Psychological Meanings:

Importance – …

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… such dream denotes to clearness and good fortune. The next period of the life will be sinless and positive.

Alternatively, if the horse is white it could also show the issues that are related to intimate life. Maybe there is a fear of showing the desires and wishes which are in common with sexuality.

Fear if the horse is red – which shows anxiety the dreamer is suffering or will have these negative feelings. There is some factor that the dreamer is afraid to face, take the …

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… To dream of seeing red hair – you will be lied;

To dream of having brown hair – our positive character will bring you many benefits;

To braid the hair – soon will have big changes in your life;

Fake hair or hair extensions for men symbolizes a good omen, which means honour and for women symbolizes a bad omen, which means grief and sorrow;

To dye the hair – will make a fool of yourself or will lose a very close friend;

To see growing hair – happiness in business; …

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Islamic Water

… idolaters] tread the right path, we shall give them to drink of water in abundance, that We may test them thereby …” (“Al-Jinn” [The Jinn], verses 16–17.)

(3) Marriage, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: “And He it is Who hath created man from water, and hath appointed for him kindred by blood and kindred by marriage; for thy Lord is very Powerful.” (“Al-Furqan” [The Criterion], verse 54.)

(4) Semen, because God Almighty has called sperm water and Arabs …

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Silver ring

… with a gemstone – power, influence, prestige and other riches;

with many gemstones – very positive dream; accumulation of big honor and high social acknowledgment;

with any incrustations, but not gemstone – a lot of goals in dreamer’s life;

with green sapphire or green ruby – knowledge, wisdom for the dreamer or intelligent child;

with a carnelian or red stone – financial improvements for the family;

with a beryl, chrysolite, or peridot stone – strength, …

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… nervous system and has irritated you. Sometimes it also warns to miss favorable opportunities and positive chances through inaction.


The vacation in the dream represents always a symbol for relaxation, leisure and freedom. Often, the desire connected with ability to enjoy life with his partner or his family. Especially in situations of high work stress this images occur more frequently. They should be also taken as a warning, because if you do not ” slower “, …

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Jungle (Old-growth forest)

… fairy tales. Frequently, the jungle in the dream symbolizes the chaos; whether it is perceived as positive or negative, depends on the circumstances in the dream. It presents the basic needs of the outbursts and feelings that come from the unconscious. In myths the jungle embodies a barrier by which you must go through, in order to attain a new existence and to gain a new life. A magic forest is also has similar meaning. According to ancient Indian dream interpretation, jungle announces that …

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… region with a gaseous pressure much less than atmospheric pressure. Physicists often discuss ideal test results that would occur in a perfect vacuum, which they sometimes simply call “vacuum” or free space, and use the term partial vacuum to refer to an actual imperfect vacuum as one might have in a laboratory or in space. The Latin term in vacuo is used to describe an object as being in what would otherwise be a vacuum.

Synonyms of vacuum.

nouns: free space, partial vacuum, …

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… stems from Latin and means literally “to lead astray”. As a result, the term may have a positive or negative connotation.

Synonyms of seduction.

verb: entice, tempt, allure, inveigle, lure, debauch, mislead, attract; past forms: seduced, enticed, tempted, allured, inveigled, lured, debauched, misled, attracted.

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… or another with melodious voice, you become the one who always get good messages,it still be more positive if you hear reciting another.

- Take a look is it the emperor or a great man, you will remit a regulation according to the euphony and find agreement with the people; if the voice is unpleasant, the regulation to the people becomes a displeasure.

- In the dream you are playing to a zither for the dance, you will find words which cause tears.

- You hear the zither music, you will hear …

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