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Formal wear

… or black and gold color. These are colors of the power of wealth – so to say status symbols (dress suit, great evening gown, jewelry, uniform of high-ranking officers, Limos, etc.).

Fear to be outdistanced You see others in festive robes, means that you are afraid to be outdistance by a competitor or a rival.

* Please, see meaning of Eve, Clothing.

Definition of Formal wear:

Short definition

Clothing suited to formal occasions.

Complete definition

Formal …

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… and poverty. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the confidence of the dreamer, if he is able to dress on or off, even when he has difficulty doing it;

Will be dependent from others if dream of getting late while dressing – the dream suggest to rely only on your own ideas and time, instead of trying to do things in other peoples regulations.

Arabian (Islamic)

Prepare yourself for troubles if dream of dressing – the dream which includes the dressing, is a bad omen, which warns …

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Wedding dress

In general:

Wedding dress may sometimes be trivial also be understood as a wish to marry, otherwise it is generally promised happiness and success in life.


European (Judeo-Christian)

– see wedding dress in a dream: you can do much to interest us that a marriage is concluded;

– wear: wedding or festive banquets.


– good deals are going to vote you happy again.

Arabian …

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… symbol for Christ or Spirit and the bride for the Virgin Mary).

Purity The bride wears a white dress, the color of innocence, but also of abstinence and in a sense also the feeling of cold (see also “White”).

Forbidden actions In the dream to sleep with own bride, for the man, means an adventure in which he breaks a taboo.

Worries Who sleeps with a stranger in the wedding dress, might get in trouble because of his research approach in waking life.

Doubt For women, the …

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… (which is the mother who prevented their children adequate growth).

The bright young man and the princess are the more lovable, fun-loving side of the personality during the prowler for male impermanence and the siren, the seductress of the active female sexuality stands.

The hero is the independent, part of the messianic personality, the Amazon, however, the self-satisfied Female – the defined benefit type career woman.

The villain is the masculine part of the self, the power for its …

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…    If dressed in goat wool or hair – To dream, that you or someone else is wearing a dress made of goat hair, there will be a lot of work and effort to irregular income earning.


Uncertainty If Seeing piebald – This dream shows you that happiness is unpredictable and is not reliable;

Modesty If Seeing milk or milking – In the dream you see milk or the action of milking (no matter you do this or someone else), you have to be humble. Modesty is …

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… false hope, be careful, you could be deceived by a person whom you trust;

– wearing a brown dress: you will get into danger.


– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

– unpleasant color: disappointment and anxiety are one before;

– see brown eyes: one will be fooled into a woman;

– brown dress: you will be subject to illusions, although it is believed to be safe.

* Please, see meaning of colors.

Explanation & …

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Slip (clothing)

… Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A woman’s loose-fitting, dress- or skirt-length undergarment.

Complete definition

Slip is a woman’s undergarment worn beneath a dress or skirt to help it hang smoothly and to prevent chafing of the skin from coarse fabrics such as wool. Slips are also worn for warmth, and to protect fine fabrics from perspiration. A full slip hangs from the shoulders, usually by means of narrow straps, and extends from the …

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… of decorate

verb: adorn, ornament, embellish, garnish, trim, deck, bedeck, grace, beautify, dress; related terms: adorn, grace, ornament, beautify, alter, change, modify, wreathe, incrust, encrust, beset, braid, broider, embroider, stick, illustrate, garland, fledge, flight, bespangle, spangle, foliate, flag, bard, barde, caparison, dress up, bead, pipe, applique, gild the lily, paint the lily.

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… as a symbol of office, though she continues to wear a modified form of her religious habit or dress, as she is unordained- not a male religious- and so does not vest or use choir dress in the liturgy.

Synonyms of abbess

noun: mother superior, prioress; plural: mothers superior, prioresses; related terms: mother, superior.

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… still worn today are the dinner suit, part of black tie, which arose as a lounging alternative to dress coats in much the same way as the day lounge suit came to replace frock coats and morning coats; and, rarely worn today, the morning suit. This article discusses the lounge suit (including business suits), elements of informal dress code.

Synonyms of suit

verb: fit, become, match, adapt, adjust, befit, accommodate; noun: costume, petition, lawsuit, set; plural: costumes, petitions, …

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– Spirit, energy, clean and purifying.


– In which areas of my life do I search for influence, inspiration or renewal?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:

- Huichol shamans: wisdom

Artemidoros Meanings:

Fire is functionally distinguished in two different kinds:

firstly the heaven and divine,

secondly the earth and the one which is used in everyday life.

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… given to seniors. Juniors may also be honored, but would be called “Prom Prince” or “Prom Princess”. Other students may be honored with inclusion in a “Prom Court”. The selection method for Prom Court is similar to that of Homecoming Queen, King, and Court. Inclusion in a Prom Court is a reflection of popularity of those chosen and their level of participation in school activities, such as clubs or sports.

Synonyms of prom

verb: promenade; noun: promenade, promenade …

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… leader, baronet, Bart, brahman, brahmin, female aristocrat, Highness, male aristocrat, prince, princess, raja, rajah, ranee, rani.

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… women, spouses, ladies, females; related terms: married woman, battle-axe, battle-ax, crown princess, first lady, golf widow, honest woman, homemaker, housewife, lady of the house, woman of the house, marchioness, matron, mayoress, missis, missus.

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Diamond ring

… success in relationship; indication that a good man will find her and she’ll be valued as princess;

For married woman – shows the desire to be gifted; indicates possibility of long awaited achievement in life; announces success in marriage;

For single man – indication of the desire to be successful; announces good changes in his life: new relationship or new achievement in career;

For married man – is a sign of strong person: might be the dreamer himself or his wife; …

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… falling out of style by 1800. At the peak of its popularity, the tricorne was worn as civilian dress and as part of military and naval uniforms. Its distinguishing characteristic was a practical one: the turned-up portions of the brim formed gutters that directed rainwater away from the wearer’s face, depositing most of it over his shoulders. Before the invention of specialized rain gear, this was a distinct advantage.

Synonyms of tricorne

noun: tricorn; plural: tricorns; related …

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… and this belongs to the length of a thread;

Worries if sewing with a black thread a white dress – This dream means mischief by your kids;

Love if see with red silk stitching – This dream means engagement or general happiness in love.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Your life if see a thread – In the dream you see a thread, this dream signifies about your life and destiny;

Losses if see a broken thread – This dream shows that you will have losses in your life; …

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… their own financial situation, development also fortunate in love affairs;

– look for a blue dress: achieve goals through persistent use;

– to see a clear blue sky: good sign that they will be freed from many difficulties;

– sitting in a blue room: financial worries.


– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

– blue color is generally symbol for mental clarity, reliability and sensitivity;

– uncomfortable on furniture or walls: …

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… life;

– be given to another: sadness;

– must rate affidavit: good conscience;

– honor dress: joyous future.

Hindu (Hinduism)

– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

– None dream explanation in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The state of being morally upright, honest, noble, virtuous, and magnanimous; the perception of such a state.

Complete definition

Honour or honor (see spelling …

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… black and white, written communication, written language, Bushido, legal code, building code, dress code, fire code, omerta, health code, sanitary code, Highway Code.

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