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…ers with this dream! what does it mean? Rina I dreamt that i took a bite from a fruit and discovered that the fruit had worms and i quickly vomited the ones i had in my mouth. Abdul Basith I dreamed that Im removing a worm of 5 to 6 inch worm from my food,I remove it worm and the rice around the place where the worm was and start eating my food. I dont remember properly I think my mother and sister both were also with me.
What is the meening of… Continue reading

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Himanshu i had a dream before yesterday that i was carrying a bag not know which bag, but when i carry it on my back i was not able to bear its load. .i just walk few steps. .and then i sit down to have rest.this happen 3 times in the dream,and the path i was walking in the dream, i usually walk there daily in the morning and evening.and when i carry bag on my back then my legs start shaking. . after few steps i dont know but at that time i thin… Continue reading

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Knock-knees (x-legs)

In general: Knock-knees represents the problems and obstacles in the way of life for which you are responsible. Sometimes it is also expressed injustice against which we must fight back. Traditionally: European – In general: the proposed route is difficult or is considered burdensome than was intended; – To see: it is an embarrassing criticism is subject; – To have x-legs: promises good shape and health; – Dreaming of knock knees in others: for… Continue reading

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Dreams’ contexts and their meanings – afraid of heights, falling, animals, events. Quick and Clear Meanings: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about afraid in dreams Being Afraid¬†means Temporary Misfortune¬† – When the dreamer is being afraid, filled with fear for something in his dream, it foretells about worries and dilemmas he is suffering from. There is a possibil… Continue reading

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Eel, eels

…one who could stop an enormous long blue/grey Eel. We were suddenly out of the cave and the Eel which looked dead came towards us very slowly out of the bushes. When next looked it had been stop by a served cows head which my 3 year old daughter was holding on to while she sat on the floor. The servered cows head was from a documentary on Damien Hirst I’d watched the night before. but the rest I have no idea about. Angel I was laying in calm wate… Continue reading

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…ytoday. taraku woke up in my bed with my head split open, you could see the brain, after the hospital fixed me i went back home to a italian mafia, father was at the head of the table, all of the sudden the drain pipe to the 55 gal drum got cloged and the ceiling started to turn red, driping with blood ……… Abbigail Last night I had a dream that I can’t remember most of butit steel scares me. I belv I was at a school with people who apair t… Continue reading

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…y culture/family a goat is the devils form or the symbol of it…so I really want to know what would it mean…I do not want to believe that it was actually the devil following me… Dianna I just had a dream where there were 5 black goats in a barn. Two were dead. I picked up one of the goats and was carrying it around hopeing it wouldnt die. I turned around and the two alive goats were gone. The two dead goats were still there. I was walking i… Continue reading

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…d all i could do was stare as it walked right up to me like it knew where i was the entire time and was just waiting.It was huge it was big enough that standing there it was staring me in the face and im not terribly short im 5-10 and it was snarling and growling.I placed my hand on the bottom part of its open jaw for some reason my guess is to try and keep it from snapping my face off and slowly pulled out my headphones then started to reach in… Continue reading

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…Please help me with this. Dog and Music Lady I just had a dream that my dog was laying outside in an unfamiliar place eating a platter of food (steak and bread which I would never normally give her). She was no more than 3 feet away when all of a sudden we noticed an alligator swimming just below the surface of some water that was between me and her. We knew the second dog had been outside somewhere and started screaming for both dogs to co… Continue reading

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Artemidorus: The elephantiasis gives poor by wealth greater prestige and more important, because they move the suffering afflicted with them all into focus. For the same reason, they reveal hidden gain, rich and powerful, but they state offices. It is always good to see you afflicted with elephantiasis or similar suffering. Sometimes it means worries and troubles. More ominously, it is when you see a family member afflicted with such a disease…. Continue reading

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…ing out of my head and then off of my shoulders to the ground. (I was sitting at the time.) Then I turned around, once they were all out of behind my head, and saw them staring at me. I turned around once more (completing the 360) and saw about a dozen white pegasi running towards us. I looked back at these centaurs, and noticed that they were the same size. I knew it meant war, so I stood back hoping that no one would get hurt. Until a black peg… Continue reading

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…ust kept stinging. What a nightmare! What does it mean? Hannah so i keep having the same re-occurring dream. all i remember of it is that i’m walking in my backyard i think and there’s wasps, they fly around me and maybe is 5 of them attach them selves to my face and neck, they don’t sting but the crawling and the fluttering of there wings freaks me out so i drop to the floor and crawl into the fetal position. at this time i’m covering my face… Continue reading

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Freckles I had a strange dream

I was combing my hair

It was coming out in clumps but only when I combed it

I combed it 3 times, so there was a pile of it

The Hair was Golden and Long

I have brown hair and it had recently been cut, so it is not long and I am Male

I thought that was interesting

I wonder what that could mean… Continue reading

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Brandon Ego While i’m sleeping i feel how my blanket is being pulled off from me!I grab hold of it an pull back.I moved into another home an yet the same dream occurred but this time i saw a young boy at the end off my bed pulling the blanket while i’m sleeping!I speak out in my dream saying “In the name of our Lord begone from this house” then it would be quite for a while an it would be back!My last dream was today 10 Dec 2012 but this time i… Continue reading

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the leg because he was trying to protect the little ones. It was not scary or disturbing and I woke up feeling amused. I kinda liked the dream; it was fun. In the dream, I was kinda happy that the rabbits were there. Our 5-year old was there too. She was eating cookies and cream ice cream. haide I saw a frozen rabbit without skin fall aside then it became alive and went to it’s hole.what does it mean? Danny I had a dream about a brown rabbi… Continue reading

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…lace. There was no sad feelings or bad mood involved in it. It seemed like it was a normal thing to do. I was not doing the butchering myself. cheryl I dreamt that a brilliant white horse was racing around my house about 3 or 4 times then came into the house, I was lying on the bed, it came up to me on the bed and I started screaming. I was afraid of it for some reason. Then I woke up Kelly I dreamed of 4 beautiful white horses. Their long manes… Continue reading

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Hiking boot

In general: Hiking boots can (often in conjunction with legs) promise a good progress, but that requires its own hard effort. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – This symbol doesn’t have any explanation in Christian culture. Hindu – hiking boots in a dream means: work and pray is blessing in it. Arabian (Islamic) – A matter of doing well for you. * Please, see meaning of legs. Explanation & Definition: Complete definition… Continue reading

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Lower leg

Artemidorus: The lower legs mean the same thing as the knee from the front and back. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam. * Please, see meaning of knee, body. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Each of the limbs on wh… Continue reading

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Psychologically: A dream in which you note a disability, disfigurement or deformity in itself is probably a self-critical dream and its interpretation depends on the type of malformation. In what ways are currently disabled in body or soul or defaced so that it gives others a repulsive or frightening picture? If another person is disfigured, could dream of a repellent personality aspect of a previously was not aware of or is known by itself. * P… Continue reading

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Association: Dismemberment. Question: What I have to tear apart, to be able to be completely self? In general: Is a dream by the amputation of one or more limbs, so afraid of risk or the dreamer, a part of himself to lose, by this it will “cut off” or suppressed by him. Dreams in which one loses one’s own body part by amputation (a common dream!), leaving a strong sense of loss. An ability, power or property is lost or somethin… Continue reading

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Association: Limitation, discrimination. Question: Which part of me is ready to be like that? * Please, see meaning of cripple. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation State of being disabled; deprivation or want of ability; absence of competent physical, intellectual, or moral power, means, fitness, and the like. Complete definition A disability may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental or some combination… Continue reading

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