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… extent do I have a fear to be unite with somebody?

General Meanings:

Suppressed personality Rape can symbolize that you suppress massively some parts of your own personality and this makes mental damage. Farther it points out to personal interests, that you passes mercilessly over the needs of others or that your own needs become overlooked by others. Also sexual needs can stand behind it, often this associated with the strong wish to give more.

Psychological Meanings: …

Comment by Fred: I dream my wife rape shouting I couldn ‘t do any …

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… or denial.


What stands between me and my higher consciousness?

In general:

Demon can show the inner conflict of a man who feels threatened by his repressed needs and desires. Often thus massive guilt, disgust and aggression are linked, to some extent anxiety. In such cases, psychotherapeutic be displayed, even if the problems do not get a handle on.


This term refers to gather a lot of creatures from fairy tales and fantasy, such as “dwarfs”, …

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… & Definition:

Short explanation

An evil spirit.

Complete definition

A demon is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, and folklore. The original Greek word daimon does not carry the negative connotation initially understood by implementation of the Koine δαιμόνιον (daimonion), and later ascribed to any cognate words sharing the root.

Synonyms of demon

noun: daemon, devil, fiend, deuce, dicken; plural: …

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… might indicate the ego of the dreamer. There is a possibility that the dreamer is overconfident by his ability to perform not only sexually, but in many various ways either. The overconfidence brings negativity in the life, when others starts to reject him. The dreamer must adapt himself in community being confident, but not too impudent. The other dream explanations can be interpreted depending on the tendency of the dream:

Bisexuality – every human being has both female and male …

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… involved in an unpleasant position, so be observant.

* Please, see meaning of court, violence, rape.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The action of defending from or resisting attack.A means of protecting something from attack.

Complete definition

The action of defending or protecting from attack, danger, or injury.

Synonyms of defense.

noun: defence, protection, advocacy, vindication, apology, safeguard; plural: defenses, defences, protections, …

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… - A dark and dense: heavy periods will haunt you.

* Please, see meaning of tree, mountain, demon,wood, jungle.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth.

Complete definition

A forest, also referred to as a wood or the woods, is an area with a high density of trees. As with cities, depending on various cultural definitions, what is considered a forest may vary significantly in size and have different …

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… to refer to the 2 in bridge and other card games.

Synonyms of deuce

noun: devil, dickens, demon, fiend, two; plural: devils, dickens, demons, fiends, twos; related terms: tie.

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Infidelity and cheating or being cheated by partner* are qualified as Adultery. Use same conditions for cheating as for adultery and apply meanings accordingly.

Quick and Clear:

Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about adultery in dreams

If you dream that you commit adultery or cheating on someone, this is a sign of you not being honest with yourself. Maybe there are some …

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… Hindu

- Dreams of the Emperor, that he was possessed of all the people or in the church by a demon, he will have joy and a long life and celebrate victory and triumph over his enemies, a man of lowly will be exalted by the Prince and of all people good to know, because people usually possessed bezeigen pity.

- It dusk to the Emperor, a demon it plage without others noticing it, he will meditate on dark machinations against his enemies, overcome them, and enforce his will, a simple …

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… but rarely leads to direct results, except that it makes it worse. A dream with verbal insult by another can be as easy as a warning that you just wasted energy meaningless.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- To abuse someone in a dream: trouble with residents of the building;

- To feel abused or insulted: the hostility of others are affected;

- To curse a person: your affairs will not be blessed by good fortune, you will lose money through excessive in the business;

- …

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… in the dream an attack on his person, so this indicates that he is afraid of being threatened by external events or feelings. Unknown force impulses or images the dreamer to take a defensive posture. However, where the attackers were animals, then the dreamer afraid of his own natural instincts, especially against aggression and sexuality.


If the dreamer himself the aggressor, then he has to defend himself through positive self-expression – he apparently tried to …

Comment by gin: … and she placed me by myself but where all the other …

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… with marked horror feelings that assail us, for we see no reason. Often they are accompanied by a sense of Crushes. Such a dream is usually “nightmares” called. The latest theory about it says that it has purely physical causes, for example, because we can not hardly breathe. In the modern interpretation of dreams, there is the traditional explanation of incubus – namely, as an expression of sexual harassment in a dream – no more, if only because the nightmare seems to occur most …

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Adam (the first man)

… woman embodies Eve – If young woman has dream that she embodies Eve, means that she is tempted by evil in the form of an attractive young man and she pays the price with nonexistence of failure. She will not be happy with him. But if she wants to achieve something in her life, she has to take a risk and she doesn’t have to be afraid of failures, only then she will reach her goals.

Arabian (Islamic)

Love if see Adam and Eve – To dream about Adam and Eva, announces that the …

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… should not to make enemies, since it would be a very uncomfortable opponent;

- To be followed by a wolf: means danger;

- To be attacked by one: friend will cause many difficulties to you;

- To track, follow, trace or pursue a wolf: you will overcome all threats;

- Try to kill wolf or to see killed wolf: you turn off treacherous opponents, who want to embarrass you.


- The wolf means a greedy rulers.

- Dream of fighting with a wolf: you will have a dispute;

- If the …

Comment by Beverley: … them quite evilly by cutting off there heads or slicing …

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… to keep them in a fenced area.

General meaning:

Your freedom-seeking part; feels constricted by the pressure of the conventions; one aspect of you is willing to fight for everything you want.


A lustful person, an old man, a horny man image, a man who has to play the role of scapegoat; grumble; derogatory term for a woman.

Transcendent importance:

An ally who can help you with the safety of his movements to find what you are looking for.

Artemidoros Meanings: …

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… a range of personal freedoms. Imprisonment or incarceration is a legal penalty that may be imposed by the government for the commission of a crime. Other terms used are penitentiary, correctional facility, remand centre, detention centre, and gaol or jail. In some legal systems some of these terms have distinct meanings.

Synonyms of Prison

verb: imprison, incarcerate, confine, jail, gaol, lock up, immure, quod; past forms: imprisoned, incarcerated, confined, jailed, gaoled, locked …

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