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Wet nurse

In general:

Nurse in younger women may wish for a child to express. See a nurse who suckles a child who promises most, that a project will develop favorably.


Often is nurse who suckles a child, women’s dreams for the repressed desire for their own motherhood, fertility or conception of the will may be suppressed or even the fear of it. Sometimes the nurse also symbolizes …

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Old love

In general:

A return to familiar activities and environments is displayed, sometimes an offer from someone you’ve known for a long time.

* Please, see meaning of love.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

An intense feeling of deep affection.

Complete definition

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also a virtue …

Comment by Icie: … months but we are in love and serious, we broke up …

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… is alleged to have taken place.

Complete definition

An alibi is a type of defense found in legal proceedings by demonstrating that the defendant was not in the place where an alleged offense was committed. There may be legal ramifications for not disclosing a true alibi defense, as well as penalties for providing a false alibi.

Synonyms of alibi

noun: excuse, plea, pretext; plural: excuses, pleas, pretexts; related terms: vindication, defense, defence, law, vindication, …

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Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Some worries if see – In the dream you see an agent, this announces you unpleasant events, which will adjust your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Think about yourself if talk - When you talk with an agent signifies that you should not say yes to everything, you have to think more about yourself and your matters.

Arabian (Islamic)

Losses if see or do something with him – This dream denotes that …

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… explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about lawyer in dreams

Power and Loyalty if Being Lawyer  - Dreaming of being a lawyer represents you as devoted, loyal, genuine and certain person you are towards your friends, family or into your advantage. This dream shows how strict and powerful you are.

Danger if Seeing Lawyer  - In a dream to see a lawyer shows your concerns and indicates possible risk in professional area. Be more cautious …

Comment by lessermystery: … what the lawyer in my dream did last night, in addition …

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… successful life and Strong personality The Admiral represents a person, the one who is sailing in the Sea of Life, it gives information about the course of the life. The Admiral is an important person and his appearance is very positive. Dream about the admiral may symbolize that you are successful, brave, have skill and foresight. The Admiral is the confirmation for the dreamer that the ship of the life and dangers are controlled in the sea of the ​​life. The dream about the supreme …

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General Meanings:

New friend If you are accompanied by an army officer in a dream, it’s a sign of a new friendship. The higher rank of the officer is, the more advantageous this friendship will be for you.

* Please, see meaning of officer.

Definition of Adjutant:

Short definition

A military officer who acts as an administrative assistant to a senior officer.

Complete definition

Adjutant is a military rank or appointment. In some …

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Agricultural implements

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

In general agricultural implements proclaim good news and orders;

Marriage if see – In the dream you see agricultural implements announce you early happy marriage, you will meet your soul mate;

Success if working – You are working with them in your dream, this will bring you luck in every life situation.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Warning if see – The dream warns that you have …

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… pain due the absence of a person, it means repentance because of hasty action. If you are pleased with the absence of friends – soon you will have one less of your enemies.

Psychological Meanings:

Emptiness and instability A dream about an absent person or about the absence of a subject points to the fact that something unexpected happens. Perhaps the dreamer was looking for something lost, but however his feelings about the absence (fear or anger) are really important. A child …

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Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Worries if in the political sense – In the dream you regenerate in political side, this dream announces trouble with authorities or family members;

Contradictions if in the ecclesiastical sense – This dream will bring you conflicts with yourself, family and the world.

Definition of Renegade:

Short definition

An outlaw or rebel.

Complete definition

A person who deserts …

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General Meanings:

Good changes if voting – In the dream you are voting, this announces you that you will change your current position and surrounding and this possibly goes for the better.

* Please, see meaning of community, council meeting, speech, hall, meeting.

Definition of Voting:

Short definition

Give or register a vote.

Complete definition

Voting is a method for a group such as a meeting or an …

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Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Cowardice  if forswear – In the dream you forswear and you feel shame about that, then this dream shows that you are coward in your life, you are afraid to make important decisions and take any actions to improve your life. You have to be much braver if you want to reach the aims of your life.

Definition of Forswear:

Short definition

Agree to give up or do without (something).

Complete definition …

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… symbol and sexual desire You don’t have to be a hunting enthusiasts to “enjoy” your victory in a dream – whether it is like a game or hunting of wild animals, or clay pigeon shooting targets. Particularly the dream of shooting is a symbol of aggression, you want to “kill” someone or “take down”. From the psychological side if the target is successful and and you feel satisfaction with the prey, then this stands for sexual desire and the male orgasm.

* Please, see meaning …

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Departure (leave)

… break away from old and familiar patterns of behavior. Perhaps you feel the need to grant yourself with freedom and independence. Departure generally stands for the constant change of life, towards which direction to move we decide ourselves. A hasty departure may indicate that you want to shrink a duty or responsibility. It describes a certain fear that you need to take over responsibility for anything in particular. The departure by car, plane or train announces that you will avoid a …

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Smother with kisses

… and you have to be very attentive.

* Please, see meaning of kiss.

Definition of Smother with kisses:

Short definition

to cover (too) thickly; to overwhelm; kissing strongly. To touch with the lips or press the lips against, usually to express love or affection or passion, or as part of a greeting, or as part of sexual activity.

Synonyms of smother with kisses

verb: to kiss each other, to kiss one another, osculate, buss, lip; noun: buss, osculation, peck; …

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Deputy (member)

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

More work if speak or see – In the dream you speak or see a deputy shows that hope is only a small part in the fulfillment of your wisher, you have to show more efforts and work harder.

Definition of Deputy (member):

Short definition

An assistant with power to act when his superior is absent.

Complete definition

One appointed as the substitute of another, and empowered to act for him, in his name …

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Picked up

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Journey if by train – In the dream you were picked up by train, announces you  a wonderful journey with your closed friends or family members;

Pleasure if from your house by friends – This dream shows that the pleasure is approaching;

Promotion if by police or a public official – The dream signifies that you will get a job in the office or you will be promoted.

Definition of Picked up:

Short …

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General Meanings:

Get rid of everything bad Taking laxatives and may experience diarrhea (in the dream), often shows that you want to get rid of unpleasant memories, experiences and feelings, because they hinder your life. You should take this notice seriously and always fathom what this dream was suggesting, in part behind it is also a mental illness.

Psychological Meanings:

Signal that you have to improve your life The unconscious gives you a warning that you should eliminate …

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Departure (take off)

… because of joy Somebody who has no fear of the fly, without hesitation and spontaneously engages in an intense feeling or a risky intention and proposition. Who are thinking ” Everything or nothing ” -mastered challenges brilliantly and wants to withdraw joy. The starting position, a window seat on the plane, take off, everything becomes smaller and smaller – then through the clouds into the boundless blue. What does this mean, that you want to tolerate and to cope psychologically …

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Old woman (wife)

In general:

Old woman (wife, female) is interpreted in dreams like woman, but old woman’s symbolism in dreams is less erotic.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- None.


- To dream old woman: gossip and slander;

- If old woman (wife) look young: you will commit foolish jokes;

- To see in dream squabbling woman or wife: anger;

- To dream that old woman is pregnant: …

Comment by veronica: … on the threshold with all black eyes (no pupils, irises, …

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… of women.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Puerpera is a woman in childbirth or shortly thereafter, who has just given birth.

Related terms

woman in child bed, woman in childbed; plural: puerperas.

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