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In general: Band is an ambiguous dream symbol, it is often set with friendship and hope in relationships. Among other things, it can appear in the following forms: – seeing a band: shows that it maintains good friendships or desires. – Keep a tape in the hands may also reflect good interpersonal relationships in which one is involved and recovered (on hold) feels. – Fluttering ribbons promised success, especially in material terms, or describe t… Continue reading

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Ring (jewellery)

…amer should consider, that the laws of society are much lower than the laws of our souls, and we should not give them so much importance. Tsvetkov Dreambook: Ring dream interpretations by Tsvetkov Ring can be interpreted as: 1. Proposal; 2. Relations or relationships; 3. Loss (the dreamer could get a divorce or separation). Vanga’s Dreambook: Dreaming about ring meaning by Baba Vanga The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the ci… Continue reading

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Elastic articles

In general: Elastic objects (eg, rubber band) have a dream to go on spiritual and mental flexibility and adaptability. If the item is stretched too much, it can be due to internal adjustments that might result from excessive adjustment. Tears the elastic object, maybe you break under the strain, or is overwhelmed by adaptation. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Articles made from elastic materials. Complete definition Elastic, a… Continue reading

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In general: Band (as a criminal group) can sometimes from too much like his own aggressiveness and destructive contents warn the person that must be mastered more, nor fear can stand behind it. Psychologically: Chased by a gang to be unrestrained, can also refer to specific problems, the bonds may be similar, but a monster. Who embodied / said the gang? Maybe someone you know? Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A group of criminal… Continue reading

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Wedding ring

In general: Originally, the wedding ring was a symbol of total, all of capturing love. His form is perfect, it has no beginning and no end. As a vision, it provides a connection to eternity. The loss dreamed of wedding ring can refer to marital problems. The dreamer finds a wedding ring, it is possible that may be building a relationship that could lead to a marriage. Psychologically: In human lives, the need to take off vow to make promises and… Continue reading

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In general: Pencil can bring an artistic (often graphic) ability to express the neglected one. Often seen in the fact that you want to make clear to others or waiting, that they communicate. Together with the sheet of paper (see this word), which is still blank, it follows that the message can be used to develop new ways of life. Pencil can also be pointed that observations are available. In connection with a cartoon mocking it stands for, which… Continue reading

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Association: Bond; obligation. Question: What I want to show? In general: In general, jewelry displays of joy and harmony. Wear the bracelet on the wrist in a dream may indicate that dissatisfaction on, especially if it is made ​​of gold. You do not feel free and bound. Ornaments or pictures can make a different interpretation necessary. Psychologically: Bracelet may indicate that one is loved by another human being, but that still does not reco… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to wear on in a dream: displays of grief. Arabian (Islamic) – to create colorful armband in a dream: fools pranks commit; – wear a black: sickness and death. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A band worn around a person’s upper arm to hold up a shirtsleeve or as a symbol. Complete definition An armband is a piece of material worn around the arm over the sleeve of other clothing… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – This symbol doesn’t have any explanation in Christian culture. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – waistband in a dream means straw hardships and discomfort. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A band of fabric encircling the waist, especially a part of a pair of pants or a skirt. Complete definition The waistline is the line of de… Continue reading

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Ice hockey

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – play ice hockey in a dream: one is a friend of things that pass too fast; – see playing others: one seeks distraction. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A form of hockey played on an ice rink with a puck rather than ball. Complete definition… Continue reading

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Quoits (Ring toss)

Traditionally: European – To throw a ring in dream: predicts low obligations and the loss of a good job; – To lose ring: indicates distressing circumstances; – If woman is dreaming rings of this game: she has to undergo unpleasant tasks. – For a man quoits or rings of this game: it is a sign of conflict. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A ring toss is a game where rings are tossed around a peg. This type of games is very often… Continue reading

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In general: Xylophone (musical instrument) can sometimes draw attention to musical talent, which we should encourage. Sometimes dreaming of xylophone is warning to not play with the feelings of others. Traditionally: European – To see or to hear: promises a rare pleasure; – Toplay with xylophone: you will discover in yourself a talent, which you have not noticed yet; Also: approaching a joyous, happy occasion; – To see broken xylophone: indicat… Continue reading

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Association: Hopelessness; Guilt or self-denial, dependency. Question: Am I ready to quit to condemn myself and others? Psychological Meanings: Panicky fear Who dreams that he constantly looks for gloves and at every conceivable opportunity pulls on rubber gloves (a symbol of the condom), could suffer from an irrational fear of AIDS that is perhaps not aware of him. Now everywhere topicality presented theme of AIDS, this represents the desire to… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to dream of sponge: joy and gladness. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A porous mass of interlacing fibers that forms the internal skeleton of various marine animals and usable to absorb water or any porous rubber or cellulose product similarly used. Complete definition A sponge is a tool, implement, utensil or cleaning aid consisting of porous material. Sponges are used for cleaning… Continue reading

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Diamond ring

…Diamond Store in my previous dream ,…many months ago ,somehow lost it and found it again in my dream of last night.The prices was on both rings of which I can see the price tag on the big single diamond ring of about
R385 000 .The other ring with the many small diamonds , this amount was not clear to me. Appreciate your feedback ..thanks… Continue reading

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Gold ring

Gold ring in dreambooks: European (Judeo-Christian) - Dreaming of gold ring meaning: promises a speedy marriage or christening; Hindu (Hinduism) - Ring of gold in dream: for married couples – marriage blessing, for unmarried – imminent wedding party; M. Ibn Sirin (Islamic) dreambook: If raining with rings of gold – woman has lost her wealth; Golden ring for man when his wife is pregnant – she will give birth to a son; Golden ring with a gemsto… Continue reading

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Silver ring

Association: – Valuable promise, important oath, spiritual obligation. Question: – With what I want to unite myself spiritually? Generally: Historically at the practical level in subconscious silver act as money, ring usually stands for a relationship. But dreaming of silver ring shows more than material values in the relationship. Silver ring shows clearly that the dreamer has same values in his life as partner has. Silver ring in dream shows s… Continue reading

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Bandage (dressing)

Association: – Protection; Desire for healing. Question: – Which part of me is ready to be unhurt? Which part do I want to maintain? In general: If in the dream a bandage is put on, this shows a beginning of healing process, points and circumscribes to be wounded in the waking life;that can come from an insult, another has inflicted on us. Own failure often expresses yourself in it, however, also towards other people. Perhaps the dreamer have hi… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Generally the collar in dreams stands as a symbol of keeping up with the rules and orders. Collar may also indicate unfavorable circumstances that lead to failures, especially when the dreamer tries to iron or finds it difficult to put it around the neck. Alternatively, in these days it is very popular to wear a collar as a jewelry, therefore it shows the desire to be beautiful. Psychological Meanings: Psychologically the colla… Continue reading

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Psychologically: Almost like in real life – you need “more support” or assistance from outside, hoping for support, encouragement in a project, etc. – enter if the bandages are comfortable, stable feel. Too tightly wound associations that are painful (ossify), are taking too literally: you feel hemmed in by excessive devotion or unsolicited help. Traditionally: Arabian (Islamic) – create or contribute yourself: loss of f… Continue reading

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Evening music (church)

Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Negative sign if hear – In the evening harmony in music is often expressed with negative sign. Definition of Evening music: Complete definition Evening music is a name for german Abendmusik – is an evening concert, usually performed in a church. Specifically, this designation refers to a series of performances at the Marienkirche of Lübeck, Germany, begun in the 17th century and las… Continue reading

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