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Slap on the face

… - to get: beware of hasty and not well thought out arrangements;

- deal itself: energy is wasted on something that does not deserve it.

Arabian (Islamic)

- to get: business inconvenience lie before you and harm and ridicule, humiliation, loss;

- deal: you’ll discover fraud and swindles.

* Please, see meaning of box on the ears.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A blow, especially one given with the open hand, or with something broad and flat. …

Comment by DANBABA A. ABUBAKAR: 05-05-2013 On this day I woke up with a dream dat …

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General Meanings:

The mirror of the feelings The dream symbol of face appears in the dream when the dreamer is ready to face his real face, to understand himself better, to find the mistakes. The expression of the face can show the anxiety, sadness, worries or happiness of the dreamer.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Aspiration if healthy face – To dream a healthy face, announces good hopes;

Success if see sympathetic face

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Kiss / Kissing

… are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it:

Kissing a certain person

The dream in which you kiss a particular person shows your relationships and feelings to that person. Sometimes when we longing for some person or feel deeply and emotionally attached to him we dream of kissing that person. The dream could also show the sexual affection towards the person you’ve kissed

Kissing the hands

Since the …

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… in nature. There are many different dream interpretations that are related to lion, depending on the circumstances in a dream:

Will be successful if killed the lion – to hunt down the lion shows the risks you might take, however the results you will achieve if the lion will be killed are going to be very favourable;

The enemies will become friends if caught the lion – for a dreamer to catch the lion denotes to the things which will turn upside down unexpectedly, because the …

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… directions – good or bad. Two-headed snake  - Especially the snake with two heads, one on each end, in the dream represents that the dreamer is being forcefully pulled in two different directions. Maybe there is too big load for you, too many things to carry. And that makes you not going anywhere. In this case your actions are having the opposite of the desired effect. Also two headed snake can be seen as a symbol of love affair or love triangle.  The bicephalic snake (two …

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Injury / hurt


Work on old pain or wounds.


Which wounds would I like to allow to heal? Which damage am I ready to close well?

General Meanings:

Painful experiences Injury appears because of disappointment, slights, injustice or separation from a love, if these experiences are unprocessed or displaced.

Hurt in real life In the dream to be injured, shows that in real life you are tired …

Comment by Maria deidrick: … someone’s hair on a computer but was holding a axe …

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… , which plays a part in myths and religions. From it arises numerous meanings which depend on the accompanying circumstances in the dream and on the individual life situation.

Better life – If you have or keep eggs in the hand, generally stands for more favorable life prospects and great achievements.

Be active - If buy eggs, suggests that you should perceive a positive opportunity by active action.

Worries – Multicolored egg warns mostly about grief, concerns …

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… feelings.

If the blood flows from the wounds of the others, we are going to inflict pain on others.

Blood loss in a dream may indicate loss of love , a transfusion – refreshing feelings.

If the dream is about drinking or replacement of blood, it means not a  sexual but a spiritual union .

The dreamer loses blood, it can be regarded as a symbol of a loss of love or a spiritual sacrifice.

 The dreamer receives a blood transfusion, this indicates that …

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Baby / Babies

… always are pursuing any kind of guarantees, so this part of our waking life comes in dreams with face of birth.

- Work and success : To carry a baby (male or female) in dream symbolizes work (or many of them) and not easy one, but hard. Don’t worry now, just keep reading. Dreaming that you are carrying a baby (or someone else, it’s doesn’t change anything) indicates current tough times and shows a little of future, where you will need to carry your burden for a while and only …

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… The mirror of the soul, the symbol shows mental state of the dreamer and his overall position on the future of events and development. Eye stands for alertness, curiosity, intelligence, intellectual interests and knowledge, but also for anxiety. There are further meanings that can be found in many ancient dream books:

Blindness  - points to spiritual and mental blindness.

See well – the clear recognition of a particular situation.

Squint  - points to false estimate of …

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… This dream shows that you are too arrogance with others;

Much debt burden If found money on the street – This dream announces you that no matter the circumstances about money or financial commitments, you will stay calm and quiet conscience because you will deal with them.

Confusion and Damage If found somewhere else  - In the dream you found money, that can be as a sign of a great embarrassment. Also it can be that you will be saved from serious harm and loss;

Anxiety …

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… Different weather conditions can be understooded as a spiritual answers to questions, which face up to the dreamer.



- Dreaming of weather: always shows the current mood;

- Also weather in dream: announces a changeable destiny – dreamer makes enormous progress, only to be suddenly confronted with doubts and impending failures;

- Dreaming that you read the reports of a weather bureau: after long deliberations you will change place of residence, maybe …

Comment by honey: … suddenly heres the face and looking at me,I hurried to go …

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Wild boar

… the boars were symbols of courage and warrior. So this indicates your own honor. The ability to face with problems.

Protection Also the wild boar has a positive meaning. This can indicate protection and little success in difficult times in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Wild elements You were attacked by a wild boar in the dream, warns that should be careful against a ruthless man in your environment. Of course, this dream symbol refers also to wild unrestrained driving …

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… points to the irrepressible point in us, the second self, with which we are in constant struggle, on the stress state of the soul. Dreaming of wolves should induce us to come with ourselves to the pure self. Personified this animal could be a man that benefits ourselves only if we do not become enemies with him.



- In general: with the internal drives is a difficult fight in progress, have a thieving employees, also divulges trade secrets;

- To hear the howl: …

Comment by Beverley: … now I’ve read up on the dream and I,m quite scared …

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… others wounded – This is a sign about an injustice inflicted by friends;

Harm If Wound on the head – To see or to have wound on the head, proclaim an injury;

Ominous If Seeing wound on the neck or shoulder – This means and feels or gives the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen, you have to be very attentive;

Disagreement If On the chest – Dreaming of wound on the chest means that you will be in discord, be patient and listen to …

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Teeth (tooth)

… material gains.

Poor, loose or falling out teeth warn of failures and losses.

Dental seal on teeth urges not to displace problems, but to solve them right now.

One tooth is pulled out, then you have to recon with financial difficulties or unfulfilled expectations.

You pulled out teeth yourself, or you pulled out teeth from another person’s mouth: you can pull the problems of a human with the help of others and overcome resistance.

Artificial teeth may indicate need for …

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… Transcendent importance

An ally that your dream trip speed and you can bring rapid growth on your spiritual path.

In general:

Rabbits may indicate sexual needs, gentleness, sense of wealth and idealism, partly explain these properties, however, out of fear, insecurity and inferiority feelings, you will not be attacked by others. White rabbits are generally considered good luck symbol, black announce failures and sadness. If you kill a rabbit, this indicates that suppressing …

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… Short explanation

Spoil the surface or appearance of (something), e.g., by drawing or writing on it. To mar or disfigure something.

Complete definition

To damage something, especially a surface, in a visible or conspicuous manner.To void or devalue; to nullify or degrade the face value.

Synonyms of deface.

verb: disfigure, deform, mar; past forms: defaced, disfigured, deformed, marred.

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… out of the crowd. There are different meaning of the dream that includes exams, depending on various circumstances. For example, the one who had a dream about a positive results of the exam, will succeed at anything he does. Alternatively, the one who dreams of failing at his exams, will also lose at things he does.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level, the dreams which includes exams usually shows the tendency of the dreamer to check himself or others over and over …

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… The flight causes positive emotions

Everything that is related to dream, affects only on the positive aspects of the dreamer;s feelings, for example, the flight gives the feeling of freedom, liberation and happiness.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level, the airplane denotes to the thoughts, wishes and desires that are hard to reach and achieve or such dream shows the thirst for the freedom the one has.

Consider, that on the psychological level the plane as the …

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… needs and desires the dreamer has. The lack of attention from the partner causes frustration on sexual level and psychological one too. Feelings that has not been expressed causes negative emotions and feelings.

Consider that sometimes the dreamer feels uncomfortable while being naked, which means that there are some features of his personality that he is ashamed of or is afraid to be fully seen by others. Obviously, such dream causes negative emotions, therefore the dreamer must not be …

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