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… or floating in water – you will date someone;

If sitting in the water – a failure;

To scoop the water out – success in matters of the heart;

To pump the water – gain of your incomes;

Foam on the water – victory;

To walk on the water – prosperity, success, good luck;

To take a bath – a carefree and happy life;

If the water is muddy – sadness, grief, dealing with bad people;

Bright, crystal clear water – the joy, pleasant news, good company, a loyal friend. …

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Ice axe

… a stomp belay. The adze is used to cut footsteps (sometimes known as pigeon holes), as well as scoop seats in the hillside and trenches to bury an ice axe belay.

Synonyms of ice axe

noun: ice ax, piolet; plural: ice axes, piolets; related terms: ax, axe.

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… word spatula is known to have been used in English since 1525.

Synonyms of spatula

noun: scoop; plural: scoops; related terms: blade, handgrip, handle, grip, hold, food turner, turner.

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Water well

… he can draw from this other, he is also his family to be useful.

– Dreaming someone scoop it pure spring water, is he, if he himself has created the fountain, get a virgin, as much gold as he drew water, but it is dirty water, disease and disaster threatened by it.

– Is he another to drink from the fountain, clean or dirty water, he will make with the help of the other girl, rich or miserable.

– Runs on a water line to his house and donating them to others, he will become …

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