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Washing machine

In general: If you see only watching the machine is working, this can be a metaphor for the daily routine. Is it boring and eternally the same? if you look at the dream of a detergent promotional spot watched on television.It may signal the desire for lifestyle improvement – perhaps, buying a new washing machine. Psychologically: The washing machine is a known and common cleaning symbol. Compulsive washing, taboos as yearning or defense ag… Continue reading

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Wash out

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to wash out dirty laundry: shows the liberation from an oppressive burden. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation To remove something by washing. Complete definition To cleanse, using water or other liquid, usually with soap, detergent, or bleach, by immersing, dipping, rubbing, or scrubbing. Synonyms of wash out verb: rain out; related terms: prevent, keep, wash off, wash away, wash…. Continue reading

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Wash up

General Meanings: Who is busy in the dream with the washing-up the dishes, does not need to be anxious about the solution of small problems -¬†soon your future is going to change in quite positive way. Psychological Meanings: Free yourself of bad feelings You want to get rid of any blemish and fault.¬†Washing dishes in the sink points to the fact that you do not handle with the current situation so surely (wet dishes is know as slick and can slip… Continue reading

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