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… what do I want to deflect myself?

General Meanings:

The self damage instrument of our times! A substitute of satisfaction, because the soul sucks appreciatively something. Sometimes called also as an erotic dream.

Psychological Meanings:

Opposite meaning The cigarette has two different meanings in the dream: firstly, it is a symbol of enjoyment of life, mental fullness and inspiration; secondly, it also points to lack of independence, dependence and nervousness.

Traditional …

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In general:

Cigar in a dream symbolizes usually someone from the real world that is wealthy and ostentatious, perhaps even glorious. Also dreaming of cigar perhaps reflects only your own behavior?


Cigar (cigarette, cigarillos) bring as a phallic symbol, only very primitive sexual needs expressed. This dream can be also the wish of the dreamer for a fatherly friend or …

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… environment The prison personifies unconscious isolation from the society. The dreamer is closed in his own thoughts, and hears or sees only little or nothing of what is going on around him.

Blocked creation and feelings The dream about prison indicates that you are blocked in some area of your life. Your inner feelings announces that your creativity is suppressed and that you are not allowed to express yourself freely.

Psychological Meanings:

New start If you are locked up in the …

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In general:

Fire has an ambiguous meaning, can both destroy and ruin by your own mistakes as well as joy and happiness promise.

- The disadvantage is the smoldering fire of smoking or who can raise awareness among other problems due to internal insecurity and false goals, against which one struggles in vain.

- Bright flames on the other hand signaling events joyous. Sometimes a fire can also …

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- Spirit, energy, clean and purifying.


- In which areas of my life do I search for influence, inspiration or renewal?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:

- Huichol shamans: wisdom

Artemidoros Meanings:

Fire is functionally distinguished in two different kinds:

firstly the heaven and divine,

secondly the earth and the one which is used in everyday life.

In the interpretation of the heaven fire you have to proceed as follows: …

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- Instinct & Appetite; Threat & Loyalty.


- What instincts are a threat to me? Who or what is my instinctive loyalty?

In general:

Wolf symbolizes aggressive impulses, instincts and desires, which can be dangerous, if dreamer has not mastered it better. Commonly it is understood as a reference to an external threat or a hostile people.


The wolf is a very dangerous animal. In the dream, he appears as a sign of recklessness, …

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… popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about abstinence in dreams

Dreaming of abstinence, for example from drinking, drugs, smoking or any other dependance you are in, is a sign that you are too confident and trustful in your own skin. This means that maybe you are a little bit arrogant person. What you have to do, is to make sure that you do not move forward too fast. The meaning of the dream is the sign for you to find out what do you want from …

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One-horse carriage

… European (Judeo-Christian)

Longing for the old times if see One-horse carriage – such dream may indicate the past, as the one who was riding in One-horse carriage is looking for some privacy or trying to get away from things that already happened in the past.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Richness if see One-horse carriage  - usually the carriage is associated with the prosperous life, therefore the dream gives a clue about new incomes.

Arabian (Islamic)

Victory if dream of …

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European (Judeo-Christian)

- see gangrene on another: death of a parent or close relative;

- see gangrene: stand for joyful news;

- burn your hand on a brightly blazing fire: stands for pure intentions and the assistance of friends;

- your feet burned by the fire: can complete any project successfully, your health will get you;

- do not burn your feet on the fire: your interests take you through the treachery of alleged harm friends.


- There …

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Amber jewelry


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to see amber jewelry in a dream: you will learn vain women;

- to wear it: you are very vain.


- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- Be delighted by gifts.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A hard translucent yellow, orange, or brownish-yellow fossil resin, used for making jewelry and other ornamental objects.

Complete definition …

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In general:

The symbol for life itself. Who the breath “stay away”, which is rigid with fear – who is not breathing, is dead, is it completely out of breath and falls exhausted into a chair, you should slow down the pace of life and take time to “finally breathe deeply.” If a dreamer in his dream come true breath consciously, then this indicates his deep connection with life. The …

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In general:

Sausage is often as a phallic symbol for sexual needs. More generally, sausages refers to a materialistic outlook on your life, which you should be able to correct. Consumption of sausages announces a nice, but very superficial acquaintance.



- To eat: delight your stomach;

- Also dreaming that you eat sausage: you wait for the fulfillment of a wish;

- …

Comment by h: … symbol of sausage in Anonymous drama by Naomi Iizaku

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Medicine Wheel:


Periwinkle; strength; nourishing (physically and mentally); smoking; cleaning; pungent; Western Guardian of the Spirit.


The cedar, in the West and in Mudjekeewisis associated as the guardians of the Western Spirits, is an evergreen tree that is distributed worldwide. It plays a prominent role in the smudging ceremony, in the smoking, and both its needles and its inner bark can be burned for that purpose, and the resulting smoke exerts a

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Kiss / Kissing

… affection, love, relationships.


With who I want to get closer?

General Meanings:

In General the kissing is presented as the action of tenderness, sign of love and affection. Those who have dreams about kisses usually are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it:

Kissing a certain person

The dream in which you kiss a particular person shows your relationships and feelings to that person. …

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… free?

General Meanings:

Sexuality and flying

According to traditional explanation of the dream, the flying is connected to sexuality of the dreamer. Men have more dreams that are related to flight than women do.

Freedom and flying

The dream about flight represent the desire for freedom, which is more common if males than females.

Ideas and flying

Flight also might indicate the certain ideas you have in your life and the fact that they are raised above anything else in your …

Comment by OKAFOR JENNIFER: … witout wings in d dream thanks.

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Marriage, purity, youth, love, romance.


Where the relationship i am in is going to?

General Meanings:

In General swan is related to symbolism that is related to marriage. The dream might show the desire to get married or be special to someone in your life.

The swan that is dying or singing signifies the feelings that are not alive anymore towards some particular person. Maybe the dreamer is not in love anymore with the one he has chosen.

In ancient times …

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… Dignity, strength, pride.


How much of the courage I have?

General Meanings:

In general lion in a dream symbolizes cruelty and strength. Lion very often known as the animal with enormous amount of the energy, aggressiveness and influence in nature. There are many different dream interpretations that are related to lion, depending on the circumstances in a dream:

Will be successful if killed the lion – to hunt down the lion shows the risks you might take, however the …

Comment by matthew: … and genital. In my dream the lion licked me and let …

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- Power of female, fear or being identified as a woman;


- Where i’m going to express my natural instincts?

General Meanings:

There are several meanings when dreaming of menstruation. The main explanation of the dream foretells about creative side of personality. This means that from simple materials the dreamer can create amazing creatures. The dream also opens the secret of life – how and where it starts. If the woman …

Comment by ABDUL: am male but in my dreams am getting woman’s …

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… - How do I integrate the flexible and independent parts of my personality? What do I feel in relation to the combination of these two features?

General Meanings:

The cat is a very independent and lonely animal. However, cats and human beings can have a great friendship. The cat is a symbol of loneliness and individuality. The most vivid feature of the cat is the sensitivity which shows the sensitive side of the dreamer. Consider, that the cat in the dreams also represents sexual …

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Contexts about dog

Dog urine or urinating dog

Dreaming about dog that is peeing or to see urine of dog in dream have few meanings. If dream is induced by internal stimuli, then it means that you need to use toilet, because of your bladder is full. It works as signal to avoid bed wetting. External stimuli also can make you to dream urinating dog. Very often we are hearing sounds that are similar to peeing sound and that is reason why we have dreams about pee. Third meaning is applicable when you …

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… of deep analysis will give you an important insight into your personality. For the start there is a lot of examples what a meaning of a snake dream can be.

Hidden worries or unmasked dangers – Dreaming of a snake indicates secret fears and hidden worries. These are threats for you. In this case, a snake in the dream might be an alert to wake up and see what is going around you, that is not already discovered. Alternative interpretation of the snake dream is the contradiction. Its …

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