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… aspect of self; camaraderie.


What I admire or fear in myself?

In general:

Brother in a dream can actually bring the relationship to his own brother to the expression and the interpretation is then obtained from the real life circumstances. Often, the brother is also for the other side of our personality (two souls in one breast), accept or reject it, but at least know as much as possible and should explore. In the second men’s dreams often self that draws attention …

Comment by andrea: … where i was having sex with my 9 year old brother. i found …

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… All people need to be confirmed by the group, and such a dream illustrates how the dreamer deals with ritualized behavior group.


Be part of brotherhood and frets, especially a male desire. Can hide behind the urge for communal violence and the exercise of power.


On the spiritual level is the brotherhood of the priesthood, the men and women alike can belong.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- drink with someone: true friendship.

Hindu …

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Kiss / Kissing


Welcoming, intimacy, privacy, affection, love, relationships.


With who I want to get closer?

General Meanings:

In General the kissing is presented as the action of tenderness, sign of love and affection. Those who have dreams about kisses usually are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it:

Kissing a certain person

The dream in which you kiss a particular person shows …

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… end.


What is it that already over?

General Meanings:

The dream has a lot to do with the death,when it wants to frighten the dreamer. The main thing is that people know about the death, that it exists, but does not realize it and when they dream of the death, it overwhelms them. They experience how short life actually is, and it can be over any time, any second. Usually the death in dreams symbolizes the big changes and/or the end of something in dreamer’s life. However, …

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The horse associates with fast, usually elegant, feelings of developed consciousness, sometimes unexpressed sexuality.


How do I find my own power? What kind of natural forces I suppress or express?

General Meanings:

Horse is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Mostly the horse symbol embodies instincts, impulses, passions, desires, sensuality, awareness of the body and sexuality. The horse or …

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Islamic Water

… husband and wife.

If one immerses his hand in water in a dream, it means that he will play with money and confuse himself.

Fresh potable water or a well in a dream also could be the immediate cause of a trial, fight or calamity.

Giving someone a glass of water in a dream is glad tidings of a child.

Drinking a glass of spring water in a dream means conceiving a child, or that he will receive benefits from his wife. In this sense, glass in a dream represent the substance of a woman …

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Ache, Aches

… earnings and low profit.

Stomach pain in a dream indicates that the dreamer is spending money with sin and might be feeling regret for doing such thing.

Pain in the dreamer’s navel indicates bad treatment of his wife.

Heart aches in a dream suggests that the dreamer might be having hidden poor characteristics or questionable religious sincerity.

Liver pain in a dream indicates physical or emotional mistreatment of the dreamer’s children.

Spleen ache in a dream …

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… cult of the Zeus Phratries also a part of a “brotherhood” (Phratry). This met in succession with a “brother” and the clarification from common fund were denied.) Then it is only right, that the people who behave like drunks are hated and are set before the door. Those who dreamed that, he pisses in the middle of theater and in the midst of the crowd. Naturally he offended against custom and order; since he expressed his disdain towards the spectators. For the ruling on the contrary, …

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Chagrin (annoyance)

… and bad companions.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- To have annoyance: you will reconcile yourself with your enemies;

- In the dream you have chagrin with the neighbors : avoid hypocritical and flatterers; they want only your downfall;

- You havee an anger with a superior : you will be rewarded because of your diligence;

- You have it with your wife : luck and peace live in your house;

- With your husband: you do not always have the last word;

- With the relatives you have anger: someone …

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Burial (bury, burying)

… then you can move toward.

To bury a live person ( father, mother, stranger, baby, sister or brother)  - This dream signifies that your inner world is in confusion. You bury a person in the dream, this indicates that the certain person makes you worry about him/her. Positively this can be a mark that you try to bury and solve all your worries and stress in your real life and you are working on them.

To be buried or somebody buries you – Indicates that in real life you feel …

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… to the fact that you can make others jesters or even do this at the moment; you must work, partly with the help of a psychotherapist if you unable to cope with psychological disturbance with your own force. The clown maybe express, that you deviates from the standards and maybe, you even been mocked.

Hidden personality Also, it may be that the clown appears as a sign that the dreamer tries to hide his true self behind a mask, to pretend someone to his environment. If we want to …

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… is too steep in a dream, obstacles in the life of the dreamer, which will be overcome only with great physical effort. Mountain can often get a better overview of the future life or symbolize impending obstacles. He points to problems that loom ahead. The exact meaning arises from the different circumstances, for example:

- Mountains symbolize the general self-confidence and personality, while the summit is always a certain goal.

- Are high mountains shrouded in clouds, the unity of …

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… This may be the inner feeling that “someone died” – you do not want to have anything more with him / her, you want to break off completely any contacts.

Changes in your life  Sometimes you have “mentally bury” the problems in order to start something new and free your minds. Who dreams of own burial, has concluded an essential phase of his life – perhaps the dream announces a divorce, a move, career changes, or abroad - but certainly not your death.

Spiritual Meanings: …

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… cheerful activity or celebration;

Disease if weak arm – This dream indicates illness of a brother or a sister;

Hard life if long arm – In the dream you see long arms, this shows heavy and difficult work;

Fail if short arms – When arms are short in the dream, this is a warning of a project or work you do, that you may not have adequate funds to finish this and you will fail;

Bad influence if raise – The relationships that you have now are not free from negative …

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… Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A god, son of Zeus and Leto and brother of Artemis. He is associated with music, poetic inspiration, archery, prophecy, medicine, pastoral life, and in later poetry with the sun; the sanctuary at Delphi was dedicated to him.

Complete definition

Apollo; Doric: Ἀπέλλων, Apellōn; Arcadocypriot: Ἀπείλων, Apeilōn; Aeolic: Ἄπλουν, Aploun; Latin: Apollō) is one of the most important and complex of the …

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Teeth (tooth)

… problems, but to solve them right now.

One tooth is pulled out, then you have to recon with financial difficulties or unfulfilled expectations.

You pulled out teeth yourself, or you pulled out teeth from another person’s mouth: you can pull the problems of a human with the help of others and overcome resistance.

Artificial teeth may indicate need for recognition, vanity, light success or deception.

Show teeth point out that one tries to intimidate or to hurt other. …

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… In general lion in a dream symbolizes cruelty and strength. Lion very often known as the animal with enormous amount of the energy, aggressiveness and influence in nature. There are many different dream interpretations that are related to lion, depending on the circumstances in a dream:

Will be successful if killed the lion – to hunt down the lion shows the risks you might take, however the results you will achieve if the lion will be killed are going to be very favourable;

The …

Comment by Erin: … mother and my twin brother was there. My father is now …

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Fall in love

In general:

If you are dreaming that you fall in love with people, it runs the risk, the importance to be attached to certain things,

which is exaggerated and not appropriate. Besides, you should watch out yourself, that you do not depend from another people and you should not give up your own wishes and ideas. If another person falls in love in the dream, with you, you will have bad and sad experiences.


European …

Comment by Bashira: … I fell inlove with a murderer. I stayed with him in …

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Plantago (Plantain)

… dream shows that there is the part of you that understands how important is to be well-connected with the earth and always willing to serve and to find the ability to cure in everyday things.



Transcendent meaning:

Gift of relaxation; Gift of reassurance.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Christianity.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- To dream plantago indicates good future.

Arabian (Islamic)

- None dream …

Comment by John: … when my elder brother brought a full bunch of …

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… body and soul. Who dreams of the bread, whose life gets a sense, because he grows inside together with a community.

Prosperity Pay attention to the size and form of bread in the dream. The prosperity and success is announced if you see big loaves of bread.

More humility  The bread sometimes requests more modesty.

Anxiety, sorrow  Only old, hard or moldy bread announces distresses and crisis from which you will find the way out only with big efforts and great difficulty. …

Comment by rose: … I was on come dine with me the host gave me an enormous …

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… represents vitality, physical strength and awareness that enable an active life, sometimes even sex. In addition this symbolizes interpersonal relationships, fears and inhibitions. There are many different interpretations that can be derived only from the circumstances in the dream and the real life situation, for example:

The dream of a violent situation which flows in the blood, then this shows that it carries  destructive forces .

If the dreamer has bleeding injuries and he …

Comment by alwin: … a dream about my Brother. she said that in her dream, my …

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