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Sexual intercourse

In general:

Intercourse may symbolically stand for something new that you start in life (evidence) and then usually understood as a favorable sign. But actually existing sexual needs, which are apparently satisfied in the dream, can stand behind it.


- sexual intercourse in a dream does not always indicate sexual desires.

- Artemidorus was of the opinion of his own wife when she was so …

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… why the sexuality is suppressed, as for example the childhood, where the dreamer interpreted the sexual act as a sin.

On the positive note, the sexuality is the primal need for intimacy and the way to find the union with another person. Those who have no sexual partners in their lives have more of sexual dreams, than those who have the sexual partners in their lives, because of the mental state of their mind is occupied with the thoughts rather than feelings. The energy that is hidden deep …

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… is red – the one who has nose that is red will get rich and respected by others;

Symbol of sexual needs if dream of nose – sometimes the nose can be interpreted as the sexual symbol, because of it’s senses. The bigger the nose, the bigger sexual desires the dreamer has.

Negative meanings:

Nose as the symbol of curiosity – the one who is too curious about others businesses dream of their nose;

Failure if nose is bleeding – the one that has the nose which is bleeding …

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… want to express with the words? What I am willing to become?

General Meanings:

Expression of sexual needs

According to Freud mouth in dreams may indicate the sexual desires and needs the dreamer has, because of the role mouth plays on the sexual act such as kissing and others. The foreplay before the sexual intercourse is played, therefore the mouth is inseparable from it by people.

Expression of feelings and thoughts through words

It is also the symbol of the need to express the …

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Kiss / Kissing

… and emotionally attached to him we dream of kissing that person. The dream could also show the sexual affection towards the person you’ve kissed

Kissing the hands

Since the ancient times the hands were the symbol of the tool which helps to provide the food and take care of those you love. Not only in dreams, but in reality also the kissing of the hands show the respect for the person that the hands been kissed you have. Sometimes the other people kiss your hands which shows the …

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… by S.Freud

According to S.Freud the dream about the falling represents decreased libido and sexual needs. The dreamer has much lower sexual needs than he had before. There are some factors that lowered the desire to get a pleasure or the dreamer avoids the actual sexual intercourse with someone, therefore while feeling the pressure he keeps dreaming about falling. It could also show depreciation of his own powers, when in reality the performance of sexual intercourse is made perfectly. …

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… and temptation or fear of sex – Snake is often interpreted as a phallic symbol, that embodies sexual needs. Accordingly, snake can symbolize taboo – dangerous and forbidden sexual feelings. Or snake can represent temptation. Maybe even it shows that these sexual needs and desires are haunting you. But if you are afraid in the dream because of the snake, then it indicates your fears of sexual intercourse, close friendship or commitment.

Positive symbolism – In general, the …

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… Freud, when worm stands for penis in the dream, then being afraid of worm, shows the fear of sexual intercourse. Genophobia is name of the fear of sexual intercourse. Third meaning about the fear of worms in a dream is related to real phobia of worms - Helminthophobia, scoleciphobia or vermiphobia is the fear of worms. Especially dreaming of parasitic worms can show the dreamer fear of being infested with worms.

Troubled friends or phobia If Snakes – In a dream to be afraid of …

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Islamic Water

… conceiving a child from such a woman.

Watering a garden or a farm in a dream also means having sexual intercourse with one’s wife.

If pure water gushes forth from one’s mouth in a dream, it means that he is a gnostic and people will benefit from his knowledge, wisdom and admonition.

If one is a young merchant, it means that he is a truthful person.

Sweet water in a dream also represents the element of faith in Allah Almighty, while salt water represents the element of atheism.

In a …

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… If you dreamed of the ocean, and you are a man, it means that your ability to make sexual intercourse is limited, even if you did not notice it. The dream foretells that you should learn how to delay early ejaculation, as it will help to prolong the satisfaction and pleasure and also you will be able to avoid the conflict with your partner. The time is needed to learn how to control yourself, but the results will leave you and your partner satisfied completely. Consider what …

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* Please, see meaning of sexual intercourse.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Sexual intercourse between people which are not married to each other.

Complete definition

Fornication typically refers to consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other. For many people, the term carries a moral or religious association, but the significance of sexual acts to …

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… revealed a new field of activity.

* Please, see meaning of archetypes, chef, director, sexual intercourse, intercourse, teacher, child, king, man, family.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A man in relation to his natural child or children.

Complete definition

A father (or dad) is defined as a male parent or Individual progenitor of human offspring. The adjective “paternal” refers to a father and comparatively to “maternal” for a mother. …

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… - What do I receive? What receives me?

In general:

Vagina (vaginal) indicates not only sexual needs. Often, it symbolizes properties, that have to do in the broadest sense with psycho spiritual fertility, for example creativity, imagination, intuition, and ideas that should be encouraged.


For primitive people, the feminine genital organ is a symbol of the femininity, which means at the same time the motherhood. In the dream analysis, Freud saw it represented …

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… mercilessly over the needs of others or that your own needs become overlooked by others. Also sexual needs can stand behind it, often this associated with the strong wish to give more.

Psychological Meanings:

Frustrating feelings and confusion In the dream the dreamer itself is raped or attends a rape, does not change the meaning of such dreams. The vision of rape always indicates bad and painful feelings of the dreamer. Rape dreams may appear when the dreamer experiences situations …

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Traffic and Transport


- (Vehicles) Chaotic force or movement.

- (Marital intercourse) Association; Letting go; Desire; Creation.

- (Extramarital intercourse) Unlawful and unauthorized union.


- (Vehicles) What keeps me from going there or do I have to go there?

- (Conjugal intercourse) Do I want to be alone or am I afraid of that?

- (Extramarital intercourse) What do I miss in my relationship?


This symbol shows that the dreamer …

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… a sign that there is some dirt in the dreamer’s life.


Dreaming of voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a partner other than spouse might be induced by wishful conscious thinking. Such dream, in which the dreamer is committing or living in adultery or bigamy, is most likely to occur for people who are unsatisfied of marriage in an emotional and a sexual aspects.

The atmosphere of the dream is important. Even if the adultery was committed only in the …

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Thorns, spines and prickles

… of an injury.

- If it is the dream of a woman, then the injury can stand by the mandrel for the sexual act, or her fear of sexual intercourse with the man she secretly loves.

- If thorns prick or it hook up to you the love of a snag or fall by the wayside.

- Spike may especially for young girls without experience represent a sex symbol that brings both sexual desire and fear of the unknown sexuality expressed and this importance is especially true if they are in the finger prick and blood …

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… Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- None dream explanation in Islam.

* Please, see meaning of sexual intercourse.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Any act of deception carried out for the purpose of unfair, undeserved and/or unlawful gain.

Complete definition

In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. The specific legal definition varies by legal …

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… it can announce that you will hit a competitor from the field.

Occasionally the leg is also a sexual symbol which perhaps signifies suppressed sexual needs.

The interpretation of the dreams about legs, you must pay attention to the different symbolism of right and left leg, when you only see a leg in the dream.

Psychological Meanings:

Motor to move The leg is the engine of the foot in a certain extent, it has something with progress and also with backward steps in our life. …

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In general:

If the dreamer is impaled in his dream, this is clearly a sexual nature. For men, thus showing the fear of homosexuality, in women the fear of sexual intercourse.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- see impale at a railing: warning of impending injury.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Pierce or transfix with a sharp instrument.

Complete definition

To pierce with a pale; to put to death by fixing on a …

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… of dreams, there is the traditional explanation of incubus – namely, as an expression of sexual harassment in a dream – no more, if only because the nightmare seems to occur most often in children – even if it objectively is very rare. Dreams of this kind are never repeated in the same night, often within several weeks, if at all. Although they are very unpleasant, but there is also no evidence that they actually cause psychological or physical harm. Repeat it, however, in …

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