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– Decomposition & insignificance. Degradation & irrelevance. Disintegration & unimportance.


– Where in my life I am prepared to assert myself?

In general:

In its basic meaning, the worm can stand for the penis. Depending on the gender of the dreamer and his attitude toward sexuality, the worm may be perceived as threatening. Worm stands for sexual …

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… meaning of tremor.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A trembling or shaking.

Complete definition

Quake primarily means an earthquake, a shaking of the earth’s surface.

Synonyms of quake

verb: tremble, shake, shiver, quiver, shudder, vibrate, quaver, thrill, wobble; noun: earthquake, shake, tremor, tremble, temblor, shiver, shudder; plural: earthquakes, shakes, tremors, trembles, temblors, shivers, shudders; related terms: earthquake, seism, …

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… with fruits promises success through good work, especially when you harvest them yourself.

Shaking the fruit-covered tree promises future happiness and success.

Sit under a tree can mean safety or the need of it;

Sit on the top of the tree, want to find out how to protect yourself from danger or misfortune.

Climbing on a tree can announce a better view about the life situation;

Partly this also indicates that you will arise, on your own force, in a higher protected …

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… ado about nothing”;

– thunder and rain: it awaits anger and grief;

– hear scary thunder, shaking the earth sign of large losses and disappointments;

– to hear the theater: is much ado about nothing;

– and lightning: a happy reunion;

– if the lightning strikes: announces a loss;

– storm in a very dark sky: bringing unrest in the country;

– if the storm does no harm: you meet a friend.

Hindu (Hinduism)

– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. …

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… life you are going to have. If you see yourself trying to pluck the acorns from the tree and shaking the tree, it signifies your good impact on other people. You should be happy, as people around you, respect and admire you.

In general:

Dreaming about acorns indicate that from small beginning a huge growth will occur. Because acorns are found only in the fall, it may be necessary to harvest the ideas or pick up and then store them well so they can flourish in peace. Acorn (fruit of …

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… – Also dreaming of mountaint in distance: be prepared for early misunderstandings;

– To see shaking: enmity and persecution of others;

– See a fire-breathing mountain (volcano): damage and threat, also an unpleasant event can be expected;

– Mountain with castle: the beginning with good financial conditions;

– Dreaming mountain with ruins: profit & warns of the approaching old age;

– To climb easily: is always a good omen;

– See a green hill (heap) with trees: …

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… to-and-fro movements (oscillations or twitching) of one or more body parts. Similar phrases: shaking, shakiness, tremors, trembling, palpitation, shivering, flicker, quaver, quavering, quiver, quivering, oscillation, shake, tremble, quail, shiver, thrill, vibration, trepidation, shudder, quake…

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Support; movement.


What encourages and supports me? Do I get somewhere?

General Meanings:

Standing securely and firmly  Leg symbolizes the state as well as the locomotion, which depends on the circumstances in a dream. For the purpose the state can indicate that you stand securely and firmly on the ground of reality, you can feel certainly safe and represent a …

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European (Judeo-Christian)

– see or speak with mayor in a dream: it will make a favorable acquaintance;

– arguing with: adversity;

– be yourself: advances in the profession.


– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

– be or see: you will gain much honor.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The …

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Wake up

In general:

There is a sleep state in which the sleeping person recognizes that he is dreaming and could wake up. This seems to be the dreamer on the one hand to force them to take note of certain events or circumstances. Second, it is thus able to use the wake as a therapeutic agent to intervene in the dream and it may give a better finish. Waking up in a dream (not really), the term usually …

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– Instinct & Appetite; Threat & Loyalty.


– What instincts are a threat to me? Who or what is my instinctive loyalty?

In general:

Wolf symbolizes aggressive impulses, instincts and desires, which can be dangerous, if dreamer has not mastered it better. Commonly it is understood as a reference to an external threat or a hostile people.

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Combination of animal and human nature or instinct and consciousness.


Where in my life do I bring natural wisdom in accordance with the intellect?

Which aspects of my sexuality in me may become whole?

General Meanings:

Duality of human nature  In mythology, the centaur is half man and half  an animal. This creature is associated with the zodiac sign of …

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Cartoon Character


– Caricature.


– What elements of me I find funny or silly?

Explanation & Definition:

A fictional character is any person, persona, identity, or entity in a work of art. Cartoon charecters is often originated from traditional animation, also referred to as classical animation, cel animation, or hand-drawn animation. …

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Ring (jewellery)


– Obligation, promise, oath.


– With what I want to unite myself?

General Meanings:

A ring in a dream usually stands for a relationship. It is not necessarily a love relationship, which the dreamer has to another human being, and sometimes they are too narrow and impede the self-development. A wedding ring symbolizes a permanent bond and a promise. A ring seal …

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