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Absorb (absorption)

General Meanings: Absorption of news In the dream to see the action of absorption or experience this, it refers to the ability of dedication and commitment. The dreamer is capable to receive ideas, concepts or elements of faith and to integrate them into his person. The absorption or knowledge admission is an important part of the cognitive process. Psychological Meanings: To integrate into unity Every person has the need to belong to a social g… Continue reading

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In general: Bush stands for secrets because we can hide it; translated to a certain isolation from the environment. One can interpret the symbol in the individual case, but also that one should overcome inhibitions by which one is prevented. Bush may like tree (see this word) to be interpreted. – General a green bush announced an upcoming happy event, lets hope for it, so that you can soon return to full-blooded life (even for charity). – Is the… Continue reading

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Wash up

General Meanings: Who is busy in the dream with the washing-up the dishes, does not need to be anxious about the solution of small problems - soon your future is going to change in quite positive way. Psychological Meanings: Free yourself of bad feelings You want to get rid of any blemish and fault. Washing dishes in the sink points to the fact that you do not handle with the current situation so surely (wet dishes is know as slick and can slip… Continue reading

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