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Stink bugs

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – Smell or see stink bugs in a dream: sensitive insults upon us. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A broad shield-shaped bug that is typically brightly colored or boldly marked. It emits a foul smell when handled or molested. Complete definition Pentatomoidea are characterized by a well developed scutellum (the hardened extension of the thorax over the abdomen). It can be triangular to… Continue reading

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General Meanings: EmbarrassmentĀ The bedbug symbol usually stands for negative and unpleasant situation or phase in persons’ life. Also this announces irritation or confusion in minds. Illness Also this symbol announces about disease or even death. Your body is too polluted by bad habits or even painful thoughts. Your mind is too tired to fight with all these feelings. Psychological Meanings: Inner dirt From this side the bedbugs are associ… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European – To see stink bugs (bug) or smell them: sensitive injuries ahead of us. Explanation & Definition: Tree bugs – Pentatomidae, Greek pente meaning five and tomos meaning section, is a family of insects that includes some of the stink bugs and shield bugs. Their antennae are 5-segmented, which gives the family its scientific name. * Stinkbug, stinkgubs, treebug, treebugs…… Continue reading

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…y white worms..and i do shaking,,, so that it well take off but it wont work.. Laura FIRST OF ALL I AM VERY FREAKED OUT BY WORMS AND BUGS & I REALLY NEED SOME HELP FIGURING OUT THESE 2 DREAMS I’VE HAD IN A ROW……..The 1st one was about me coughing up a black thousand leg worm like thing…..and the 2nd was about me having this long white hard worm with black rings/stripes on it in the crease on my ear and I flicked it off and poured somet… Continue reading

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General Meanings: All the negative aspectsĀ Eating lemon often indicates annoyance, disappointments and bitterness, which one must not be overestimated, because this will be overcome. Sometimes, it also can stand as a failure or a deception by others behind that. Psychological Meanings: Development of personality The lemon is a fruit and it is a dream symbol of success, happiness, confidence and the development of the personality of the dreamer…. Continue reading

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Pleasant smell

Traditionally: European – To feel pleasant smell in dream or to dream it: announce something pleasant, blissful, warn against stupidity and weakness. Hindu – Dreaming of pleasant smell: you will come to honor. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Pleasant smell – scent of something, what gives big satisfaction or enjoyment. Synonyms of smell verb: scent, sniff, stink, nose, reek; noun: scent, odor, odour, nose, fragrance, a… Continue reading

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…bfamilies, which belong to the family Mustelidae: Melinae (Eurasian badgers), Mellivorinae (ratel or honey badger), and Taxideinae. Complete definition Badgers are short-legged omnivores in the weasel family, Mustelidae. The 11 species of badger are grouped in three subfamilies: Melinae (9 Eurasian badgers), Mellivorinae (the ratel) and Taxideinae (the American badger). The Asiatic Stink badgers of the genus Mydaus were formerly included within… Continue reading

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In general: Scents are associated with feelings. Odors solve much faster than pictures of feelings. A fragrance in a dream suppressed in most cases a “longing for the lost time” from. Great moments want to receive or revived. If you dream of attending to a fragrance, this is usually very important because it separate parts of the dream events even more highlights. Is it a pleasant smell, so this refers to having a good time, the smel… Continue reading

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Artemidorus: : Bugs indicate discontent and worry, because as well as concerns they cause sleepless nights. They also call inconvenience and dissatisfaction with family members, mostly with women with . A man dreamed that he found in his chiton (Latin tunica, a short-sleeved shirt made of linen cloth was worn by both men and women), many major bugs are disgusted about to bring it with the best intentions but he is not ready to shake it off. The… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – eavesdrop in a dream means annoyance, inconvenience. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – None dream explanation in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation To hear a conversation one is not intended to hear; to listen in. Complete definition To eavesdrop, used as a verb, refers to eavesdropping, the act of surreptitiously listening to… Continue reading

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Automobile repair shop

In general: You had a dream out how to deal with your personal skills. The workshop is the place of creativity, out of it shows the dreamer in the world, with which he deals. There, he uses his instinct and checked and all of its reserves and motivation skills. Psychologically: A repair shop for cars can point to the need for personal attention and perhaps to physical affection – as illustrated by a car in the dream as the dreamer deal wit… Continue reading

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…lub called Goddesses- I gave him grapes -/ will he finde again ?? miss khan i saw in ma dream ,many fruets,fresh in bowel n i eat difrent ,may b mango . graps i rememberd that i eat….many graps are damaged but i select ri8 1 to eat….. plz reply me hurry Nicholas I dream a tree of grapes, full of purple or red grapes. Was pulling them, kind of harvesting from the tree but they were still more left. Wanda Last night I dreamt there was a bug th… Continue reading

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…member of my family, which is causing great anxiety and sadness?

I would appreciate someone’s input, thanks

Amanda Emi I was standing among bare trees. The ground was covered in pure white snow.
A wolf appeared at the 10 o’clock position walking slowly. He was a healthy animal, as as it passed just looked at me showing no interest.

The mood of the dream was “silence” and ‘loneliness”.
I can’t remember my feelings as I saw the wolf and… Continue reading

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…l and she was agreeing. Then I looked up at the sky and saw a cloud which was shaped like a baby Ayhu Apa arti mimpi melihat awan berbentu tangan dan seperti sayap?? Prince I have had two dreams about clouds. The first was in 1997 and the other was in 2008.

In 1997, I dreamed and saw at first, a very clear blue sky and later, words appeared in uppercase letters. I tried to read the words but failed because a stormy light (or transparent) whit… Continue reading

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…o work, as I was trying to get the plug to fit in, I could vaguely see these flying insects around my hand. I hurried to get the light on and that’s when the lights came on and I saw it was a group of wasps, there there about 15 of them. They began to follow me around thhe flat as I tried to get them to fly out the windows but they wouldn’t at first. It was strange as when they were following me they were all in a line (one behind another). Only… Continue reading

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