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Personal care (Toiletries)

In general: Striegel, scrapers and towels mean servant. Someone loses one of these objects, he will lose one of his body servants. Particularly, scrapers to damage because they take away the sweat and the body to add anything. Sometimes they also refer to a prostitute, because this causes the traffic with the same lover. A bottle of oil and a container for the scraper means a spouse or a domestic servant reliable, the other a anstelligen servant… Continue reading

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Department store

Psychologically: Somebody who walks in a department store. Walking around and looking for an undecided items white in real life is not quite sure what he wants,that is why his indecision could be exploited by other heartily. If he buys shortly and determination, however, he is envied for its determination. You should also pay attention to the numbers on the price tags, and on what do you shop, in order to draw further conclusions. Traditionally:… Continue reading

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WC (lavatory)

General Meanings: In the dream lavatory (toilet) has little to do with the fecal elimination, but is interpreted as positive or unfavorable symbol depending on the circumstances.┬áThe following meanings are very common: Closed lavatory warns against too much optimism and carelessness. Excrement in the toilet, or even plunge into the bowl may be understood as an announcement of opportunity, joy and happiness, and it may also involve material gain… Continue reading

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