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In general: Zebra points out that black and white, good and evil, happiness and unhappiness are very close together. The dreamer should therefore always look at things from two sides, and however, do not be arrogant in prosperity and in adversity do not despair. Psychologically: The dreamer has difficulty to choose between two conflicting alternatives. Take the time to weigh all the consequences carefully and watch out against all perceive only… Continue reading

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Viper (snake)

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – A catastrophe threatened, who dreams of a Viper! – To see: to beware of false friends; – To be attacked by multi-coloured, which is able to share in a seemingly unlimited quantities; enemies are made your ruin; proceed separately, but share a goal in common. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam…. Continue reading

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Silver ring

Association: – Valuable promise, important oath, spiritual obligation. Question: – With what I want to unite myself spiritually? Generally: Historically at the practical level in subconscious silver act as money, ring usually stands for a relationship. But dreaming of silver ring shows more than material values in the relationship. Silver ring shows clearly that the dreamer has same values in his life as partner has. Silver ring in dream shows s… Continue reading

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…for thousands of years in Asia and Europe, and were brought to North America by European colonists. Apples have been present in the mythology and religions of many cultures, including Norse, Greek and Christian traditions. In 2010, the fruit’s genome was decoded, leading to new understandings of disease control and selective breeding in apple production. Synonyms of Apple noun: Malus pumila, orchard apple tree; plural: Malus pumilas, orchar… Continue reading

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…on to me. The alligators themselves hardly move, every now and then one or two will be swimming at the same time, but my head is usually out of the water if any of the alligators are actually swimming. Nicole I dreamt that my 2 year old nephew was eating small alligators. His stomach was bulging and moving as the gators were still active, even though he was pulling them apart before swallowing them.
Can anyone tell me what this symbolizes? Ameer… Continue reading

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Association: Exposure, to show off, to reveal. Question: What am I willing to reveal? Psychologically: It is available in men’s dreams for the lure of women, the desire for warmth and girls. In women’s dreams, you can not reveal the wish to stand. * Please, see meaning of clothing. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A bikini, scanty two-piece bathing suit, named after the above island. Complete definition The bikini i… Continue reading

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…arate pianos is referred to as a “piano duo”. Synonyms of duet noun: duetto, duo; plural: duettos, duos; related terms: couplet, distich, duad, dyad, twain, twosome, brace, pair, span, yoke, couple, fellow, mate, 2, II, two, deuce, doubleton…. Continue reading

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Lilian christian I saw my self in the dream standing with a malam buying sugar cane, he pilled it and gave me to hold the first have one and was still pilling others for me. Pls i need your help ken i saw myself standing infront of upstanding sugarcanes…the 1st set i saw was a little scanty but when i searched proper, i saw a large bunch of them. Wanting to cut of it…i decided 2 be careful that maybe a snake lies within. Surprisingly when i… Continue reading

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In general: If the dreamer sees himself in a dream as a bigamist, then this is an indication of his inability to interpret decision – either between two loved ones, or between two possible courses of action. The dreamer have two options, which are of equal value for him. Psychologically: If the dreamer is married in the dream with a bigamist, then he has to deal with the possibility that he will eventually betrayed by a man who stands nea… Continue reading

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Twenty-two (22)

Association: – To see number 22 in dream: earthly mission for myself and others. Question: – What do I trust? * See also other dreams about age, numbers… * 2, 22, 22h, 10pm…… Continue reading

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…of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family classified as rabbits, including the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), cottontail rabbits (genus Sylvilagus; 13 species), and the Amami rabbit (Pentalagus furnessi, an endangered species on Amami Ōshima, Japan). There are many other species of rabbit, and these, along with pikas and hares, make up the order Lagomorpha. The male is… Continue reading

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Traditionally: Hindu – To dream discord among friends: loss and damage; – If discord appears in dream between two lovers: you’re going to marry happily. * An apple of discord is a reference to the Golden Apple of Discord (Greek: μήλον της Έριδος) which, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris (Gr. Ερις, “Strife”) said that she would give “to the fairest” at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, sparking a vanit… Continue reading

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In general: A two connection stands for the reconciliation of contrasts and the additional energy which arises from it. On the other hand, a connection for the purposes of a labor union symbolizes collective action, that benefits all. Connection (mostly with people) often asks to look in an affair for allies. Sometimes it also warns about wrong friends whom you may not easily trust. Psychologically: All people try to get out from duality to unit… Continue reading

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Artemidoros: A young wrestler, who was admitted to the competition because of its great concern, dreamed, Asclepius was the god and judge had resigned at the march past him as he moved along with the other young people. Even before the competition he died, the competition was about life, about which under the general belief is far more judges. * Please, see meaning of Gods. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A hero and god of heal… Continue reading

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Wild boar

…I managed to stop it by forcing the window shut. I was terrified that it had gotten its head in but relieved when I shut and locked the window. Chrissie I was standing on a platform with a woman (named Rebecca or Roberta) and 2 children. I saw the boars come out from underneath the platform, I looked at the woman and asked her if the boars could climb up the wall, or walk up the steps, just then one of the boars walked up the stairs, I felt thre… Continue reading

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Adam (the first man)

General Meanings: Postponement for a short period of time and then success It is considered as a good omen if you dream of meeting one of our first parents, Adam and Eve. If you talk with them or they talk with you, then this indicates some delays in the realization of your dreams, so be patient. In the dream you see Eve and Adam together, then this is a lucky dream. Psychological Meanings: Relationship with dreamer’s father The first man… Continue reading

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Index finger

In general: Index finger is meant as a warning notice or prosecution. In addition, the extended index finger announce, that it has itself because of an error or offense blame. The index finger also has a male sexual symbolism. However, it appears when the dreamer charged or threatening, it may also indicate his inferiority or guilt. Traditionally: European – To dream forefinger: someone have to make the accusations. * Please, see also dreams ab… Continue reading

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Desert animals

Solomon I was walking past a wash in the desert and saw 2 diamondback rattlesnakes. The name of the dirt road was Harford. I watched the snakes slither away…. Continue reading

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…of his brothers. Regardless of my thoughts I couldn’t help but cry, I was really mad that he was still alive but no one told. I’m still very shaken from the dream. Fran Pryor My daughter died of a brain stem aneursym Nov 10, 2010 and two nights ago I did dream that she was crying Maddy I had a dream that I was on a merry go round with my high school (from which I have recently graduated) and in front of me was a picture of me as a baby (the same… Continue reading

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Sexual intercourse

In general: Intercourse may symbolically stand for something new that you start in life (evidence) and then usually understood as a favorable sign. But actually existing sexual needs, which are apparently satisfied in the dream, can stand behind it. Psychologically: – sexual intercourse in a dream does not always indicate sexual desires. – Artemidorus was of the opinion of his own wife when she was so inclined, could be interpreted only good for… Continue reading

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Board game

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – This symbol doesn’t have any explanation in Christian culture. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – watch or play: uncertain business and operations; your success is doubtful. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Any of many games of strategy or chance played on a specially designed board; often involves two or more opponents moving p… Continue reading

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