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… find vulture as an unpleasant animal, colloquially this word also used for greedy people. In Indian dream interpretations vultures are just the opposite interpreted as symbols for benevolent people who support own intentions. This other meaning is probably due to the fact that the vultures were respected and considered in India as useful “health police”. In general, the first unfavorable meaning applies for us.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Watch out …

Comment by Adewale: I saw in my dream a vulture as tall as man …

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Old woman (wife)

In general:

Old woman (wife, female) is interpreted in dreams like woman, but old woman’s symbolism in dreams is less erotic.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- None.


- To dream old woman: gossip and slander;

- If old woman (wife) look young: you will commit foolish jokes;

- To see in dream squabbling woman or wife: anger;

- To dream that old woman is pregnant: …

Comment by veronica: … after night I have a dream of me running through a maze of

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Willow tree


Willow – grazing & Weeping Willow – mourning.

In general:

The willow was often associated with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Many years ago it was also believed that this tree is a symbol of mental illness.

Willow trees in the positive case symbolize flexibility and resilience, in the worst case – instability and lack of backbone. Weeping willows are traditionally regarded as unlucky omens.



Comment by Kaitlyn: I had a dream that I was sitting with lots of

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Social companionship & celebrations.


What do I want to enjoy?

General Meanings:

The long and hard way to perfect and wonderful life  The religious experience has brought the wine to the parable of divine blood. Dreams of wine always mean an encounter with a mental and spiritual content. Dream of wine never indicates any drinking problems (alcoholism). Wine as a cultural object, has a very high value of the soul experiences. …

Comment by Ricardo: I was on the shop and someone deliver a wines in

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* For correct interpretation of cry in dream, please see meaning of crying .

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Cry – shed tears as an expression of distress or pain.

Synonyms of cry

verb: cry, shout, weep, call, whine, scream, yell, bawl, blubber, wail;

forms of verb cry: crying – present participle; cried – past tense; cries – 3rd person singular present; cried – past …

Comment by leticia: i had a dream that my daughter was upset and …

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Wine glasses

… Fun & Pleasure; Happy & Fortunate.

General Meanings:

Joyful life Dreaming of wineglass (or glasses of wine) indicates great times, happy and funny days. Also glass of wine may be symbol of a pregnancy.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Good omen if dreaming wine glass – Very good sign about upcoming happy news which will change your life into better;

Disappointment  if seeing an empty wine glass – You are dreaming that you see an …

Comment by [email protected]: This picture is the real deal.

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Wine bottles

General Meanings:

In a dream a wine bottle stands for desire and passion. To dream that you’re breaking bottle of wine, signifies excessive gratification in your desires, wishes and passions.

Psychological Meanings:

At the psychological level the dream about wine bottle symbolizes the masculine.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Happy travel if see wine bottles in a dream – …

Comment by oz: I was in a dream, I had left a female friend …

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In general:

If the dreamer in his dream perceives grape this points out that he has a need for celebration and ceremony. A dream of grapes suggests that in the life of the dreamer had been too little fun and laugh. Best way to change this is to bring creativity into life.


When grapes appear in dreams, then this maybe indicate a sacrifice. The dreamer has to give up …

Comment by tina enyogai: In a dream, i saw myself and my husband …

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- Purity, clarity & pure cold.


- What I want to purify?

In general:

White as the color stands for innocence, purity and perfection, after which you strives, but you never quite achieved. Because it dissolves into the spectral colors, the white in the true sense is colorless. It means purity, so dressed in white in many countries of the bride before the altar does occur, but also restraint, coolness, and infertility (in some …

Comment by Danielle: … was lying on a bed on his side kinda curled up …

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- Ride on the waves of emotions.


- Which strong emotions I’m ready to enjoy?

In general:

Surfing as dream symbol stand for control of dreamer emotions, because dreamer is driving on the water. At the same time while surfing the right utilization of the wind important, which shows that the mastery of emotions is tempted by dreamer’s intellect. Often big role plays in the interpretation …

Comment by Marie Mercado: … always riding the waves, even without the board …

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* To interpret puppies in dream (dreaming of puppies), please, see meaning of puppy .

Comment by Jessica mills: Hey.. My dream wa about my 8 month old puppy ( …

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In general:

Puppy (young dog) symbolizes spontaneity, innocence, trust and affection. Dreaming of puppy or puppies usually means, that you will be asked not to reject friendly courtesy from other people.



- Dreaming of puppy: you will help to innocent and unlucky people and for that you will get a gratitude;

- Also puppies in dream can be symbol: for an invitation …

Comment by Gill: … puppies, puppies of all colors all surrond him and they …

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Second World War

* To interpret Second World War (World War 2; II; WW 2; WWII; WW II) in dream, please, see meaning of World war .

Comment by Rob: I’ve had a series of dreams lasting many months, …

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- Quest & pursuit; Success through effort.


- What for am I ready to achieve?

In general:

According to the ancient Egyptians when the mountain is too steep in the dream, then dreamer’s life is on the obstacles, that can be mastered only with great physical effort. Mountain can stand often for a better overview of the future life or symbolize upcoming obstacles. He points to problems that looming ahead. The exact meaning arises from the

Comment by David: … that I was at the base of a mountain. at the same …

Meta-data: Berg Montaña Montagne Montagna

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Repetitions occur in the dream as compulsive behavior or as recurring dream symbols. Repetitions, that make us unhappy, Sigmund Freud called neuroses.

If you are dreaming always same dream or a dream series in the same behaviors again and again, same situation or same dream symbols – then this dream says to you, that you should give up your compulsive repetition in daily life.

The dream want to create with …

Comment by tania: … having this one dream every night for the past couple …

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Elimination & refuse from the past.


What I’m willing to forget?

General Meanings:

Excrement (excreta, feces, urine) often points to an immature personality, perhaps also on appropriate sexual perversions which arise from the immaturity. The dream of feces shows that the dreamer returns to childish forms of expression and amusement. Possibly, it has not come out on the unconscious level about the

Comment by Christine Austin: … them. I went to the bathroom and put the dirty antlers …

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Wild boar

General Meanings:

Courage, assertiveness and aggressiveness  The meaning of wild boar is similar to pig meaning in the dream, but it warns more against ruthlessness. Because boars are the most unpredictable and aggressive animals (like enemies). They can attack and make damage for you when they have a chance. In ancient times the boars were symbols of courage and warrior. So this indicates your own honor. The ability to face with problems.

Protection …

Comment by rick: I dreamt I was in a house, a room with other people, …

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- Excitation & sensorial over stimulation.


- Where in my life I am looking for suggestions? Where do I feel overwhelmed?

In general:

Wind is a dream symbol of intellect. The interpretation of dreams depends primarily on the strength of the wind. Dreaming of sunny day with a gentle breeze suggests ease and pleasure. New idea or a plan stimulating this kind of dreaming activity. A storm could stand for a principle for which the dreamer feels …

Comment by Scott: … was dreaming about the wind, almost like Pocahontas in the

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In general:

Dreaming of diaper by ancient Indian dream book means, that dreamer must be of good spirit. Babies diapers always have a good meaning – brings good luck.



- To see: everything has two sides;

- If diaper is dirty: bring happiness into the house.


- Diapers: you will be salaried.


- To see baby diaper: you may be pregnant.

* …

Comment by Diana Landman: … been dreaming for the last 3 days that i am cleaning an …

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In general:

If the dreamer in his dream calls or drive with a taxi (cab), then it symbolizes that he has to work harder to reach progress or in fact to leave. Without outside help he maybe will not success, and it could turn out to be costly. But if the fare was too high, you can exclude this option.


A taxi is a public transport which is controlled by a unknown person to …

Comment by Marvin Motaung: I was in a taxi then i saw my girlfriend …

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Dice (Cube)

In general:

To dream that you play with dice means that in awaking life you play with fate or to perceive opportunities in life, previously necessarily careful should be reconsidered. Dice (or cubes) by old dream book announces bright future full of happiness.


The dice has a square shape and is therefore, understood as the square itself, as a whole symbol. The number four, …

Comment by Leslie: … dreams would scare the crap out of Sam Peckinpah.If I …

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