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… aspect of being wild, wandering free; connection with the earth.

* Please, see meaning of White Buffalo, the compass – north, Waboose.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A taxonomic genus, within subfamily Bovinae – the bisons.

Complete definition

Members of the genus Bison are large, even-toed ungulates within the subfamily Bovinae. Two extant and four extinct species are recognized. The surviving species are the American bison, also known …

Comment by Daniel: … suddenly a smaller white bison charged into the field and …

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… health, especially if one goes in the clear water.

- Go barefoot, because you can not find his shoes, symbolizing that one is afraid of losing his livelihood.

- Walking barefoot on sharp stones (boulders), however, announces upcoming problems in business matters.


His shoes can not be found, shows a lack of decorum, the dreamer is aware of his inappropriate behavior deliberately. Bare feet can be interpreted, with the humility with which they endure life in its ups and …

Comment by pavneet: … myself has left my shoes in front of m old relatives… …

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… If kill – You will know how to fight your enemies;

If black – bad luck ;

If white – honorable distinction .

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of brown bear, grizzly bear, black bear, animals..

Definition of Bear:

Short definition

A large omnivorous mammal, related to the dog and raccoon, having shaggy hair, a very small tail, and flat feet; a member of family Ursidae, particularly of subfamily Ursinae.

Complete …

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… of Mandrake:

Short explanation

A Mediterranean plant of the nightshade family, with white or purple flowers and large yellow berries.

Synonyms of mandrake

noun: mandragora; plural: mandragora; related terms: devil’s apples, Mandragora, officinarum, herb, herbaceous plant, genus Mandragora, Mandragora, mandrake root.

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… dream of a woman – a miscarriage.

The red wine is regarded as a symbol of the blood.

The white wine is regarded as a symbol of clarity.

Spiritual Meanings:

At a spiritual level wine indicate wealth, fullness or admission of spiritual power.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Good sign if dreaming wine – Dreaming of wine in general, appears as a sign of good omen and a transformation or revival of the spirit;

Pleasure if consumption of wine in …

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… pleasantly;

- To press (compress) grapes in dream: refers to virtue.


- Dreaming of white (green) grapes: joy;

- If grapes are red in dream: anger;

- To cut off: unexpected separation;

- To receive grape as a gift in dream: you will make something new;

- To see tread: hard work and perseverance will take you forward;

- To eat grapes: you did have several fans (lovers).

Arabian (Islamic)

- To eat grapes in dream: this indicates improvement of health;

- To cut off …

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… Emotions – The cloud is a vision for the current mood of the dreamer. Sunny or white clouds symbolize serenity and positive thinking. Dark clouds in the sky – they’re pictures of depressive or pessimistic thoughts. Possibly, the dreamer has a hidden depression with which he can deal only after it will accept a tangible form in the dream. Storm clouds symbolize that the dreamer will probably soon have a violent emotional outburst. They impose us the success of heaven. …

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Teeth (tooth)

… – This promises wealthy friends and/or wealthy relatives.

Happy life if see clean, beautiful, white teeth – This means that you come in favorable conditions, and also health, friendship, prosperity, healthy children, and many benefits for the immediate future;

Joy if admire your own teeth  - In the dream you admire your teeth, because they are white and beautiful, you can expect a lot of fun and enjoyable activities;

Unfavorable acquaintance  if see others poor or loose teeth …

Comment by mindy garcia: … teeth were white and straight, what does this …

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… however, out of fear, insecurity and inferiority feelings, you will not be attacked by others. White rabbits are generally considered good luck symbol, black announce failures and sadness. If you kill a rabbit, this indicates that suppressing emotions and related mental contents will lead you to unhappiness.



- To see white rabbit: warns of false friends;

- To see more white than black rabbits: signal that junior may come soon;

- To dream baked, roasted or …

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General Meanings:

Two sides and ways Zebra indicates black and white, good and evil, happiness and unhappiness these things are very close together. Therefore the dreamer should always look at things from two sides, and however, do not be arrogant in prosperity and in adversity and should not despair, because there are always the way out of worries.

Psychological Meanings:

To weight consequences The dreamer has difficulty to choose between two …

Comment by jeanne: … about zebra got white with red strip. Can you tell me …

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… the safety of his movements to find what you are looking for.

Artemidoros Meanings:

Neither white nor black goat brings good luck, but all show without exception an evil, the white less, the black more.

General Meanings:

Persistence Goat is generally understood as a symbol of frugality and perseverance, sometimes as a help, especially for the successful management in difficult situations. It is sometimes and obstinacy, intransigence and aggression to the fore, which is less …

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… wife.

Damage and Protection If you are dreaming, that you have hair on your tongue, white or black, is it not a good sign.

Black hair announces that you regret about what you have said, your speech made damage for somebody.

White hair announces that you said a lie, which like a white lie, to protect somebody from worries.

Also black hair accelerate while white slow down the fulfillment of the dreamer. It makes no difference here whether the hair from the tongue …

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* To interpret dream of whitethorn , please see meaning of crataegus . …

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Northern Bobwhite

… The bobwhite is a small bird with red feathers and a short, dark tail, the male has a white throat.

General meaning: call your name; give themselves a name; Self identity.

Association: – Transcendent meaning: A deep understanding of their identity; Gift of a new spirit name.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian …

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Whiteboard (wall board, wallboard)

… board, dry-wipe board, pen-board, and the misnomer greaseboard) is a name for any glossy, usually white surface for nonpermanent markings.

Synonyms of whiteboard

Noun: white-board, wallboard, wall-board, blackboard, black-board, markerboard, writeboard, writing board; Plural: whiteboards, white-boards, wallboards, wall-boards, blackboards, black-boards, markerboards, writeboards, writing boards.

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… forgive an insult.


- None meaning of whitewash in Islam.

* Please, see meaning of white.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Whitewash – paint a wall, building, tree, or room with whitewash.

Complete definition

Whitewash, or calcimine, kalsomine, calsomine, or lime paint is a very low-cost type of paint made from slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and chalk (whiting). Various other additives are also used. The incident of Tom Sawyer whitewashing a …

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… from the others, with such an action you try to bury this.

Seeing coffin of different colors ( white, black, brown, grey) – When white coffin appears in the dream, this symbol shows that you have already buried all the negative thoughts, habits and now you are pure to create new you with all the superior features. This will bring you prestige and prosperity.  Black coffin – This dream refers that you want to hide some bad habits or even your unacceptable behavior. You want to bury …

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Cemetery (graveyard)

… like crossroad. You have worries and problems in your life. You need an advice. If the crosses are white and bright, this is a good omen, that you find the way out from the worries. But if the crosses are dark and damaged, this shows that you need help from the others, because you will not overcome everything with your own efforts, you need the support from the others.

The cemetery is wet or in the water or can not find the way out – This means that you are overfull of hardship and you …

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… you think of yourself a bit too good and make others to appear worse;

Goodness if fly with white wings – to dream that you are flying with white wings, signifies your innocence, purity and good behavior. You are or willing to be the one who does not do any harm to other people;

Frustration if dream of having black wings – if the dreamer had wings that were black, such dream is interpreted as the bad omen, because the color of the wings denotes to grief, sadness and …

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… darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light and also the opposite of white. The black is used to describe people who have dark skin tone.

Synonyms of Black

dark, pitch-black, jet-black,coal, ebony, inky. plural: dark, pitch-blacks, jet-blacks, coals, ebonies. 

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… related to the color of the horse:

black horse – signifies mystery, unknown and wildness;

white horse – purity, innocence, good things in your life, search for eternal love;

Very often the horse have two heads in a dream, which represents your confusion, because you do not know which direction you should go. Make sure, you think of every detail, only then take the important decision.

Rat – this kind of animal causes negative emotions both in reality and dreams. It is known as …

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