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In general:

How wool is interpreted depends on the hair of the lamb or sheep, or whether the ball of wool. The lamb’s wool can be indication for fuzzy thoughts and feelings. The dreamer has not created right order in his thinking. Wool generally symbolize a gentle, soft feeling, the yearning for human warmth and tenderness. If you work with wool, which is understood in terms of knitting. According to ancient …

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Slip (clothing)

… or skirt to help it hang smoothly and to prevent chafing of the skin from coarse fabrics such as wool. Slips are also worn for warmth, and to protect fine fabrics from perspiration. A full slip hangs from the shoulders, usually by means of narrow straps, and extends from the breast to the fashionable skirt length. A half slip hangs from the waist. It may also be called a waist slip or more rarely a petticoat.

Synonyms of slip (clothing).

noun: full slip, waist slip, half slip; plural: …

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Tangled up

… process.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- In the dream you see tangled ball of wool: you will be confronted with difficult people, you will need lots of patience and if you make it, this will be well paid.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Something is twisted together untidily or mattted. Something is …

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… been sheared (but before being processed into yarn or thread).

Synonyms of fleece.

noun: wool.

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… and a bottom layer of backing material. Batting is usually made of cotton, polyester, and/or wool.

Synonyms of wadding.

noun:padding, stuffing, wad; plural: wadding, wads.

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… In most cases, two fabric layers surround a middle layer of batting (cotton, polyester, silk, wool or combinations of fibers) which is a lighter, insulating layer.

Synonyms of quilt

verb: pad, wad, stitch; noun: comforter, coverlet, blanket; plural: comforters, coverlets, blankets; related terms: puff, comfort, bed clothing, bedclothes, bedding, continental quilt, duvet, eiderdown, patchwork quilt, patchwork.

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… Definition:

Short explanation

A slightly yellowish gray colour, as that of unbleached wool.

Complete definition

Beige may be described as an off-tan color or an extremely pale brown color.

The term originates from beige cloth, a cotton fabric left undyed in its natural color. It has since come to be used for a range of light tints chosen for their neutral or pale warm appearance.

Synonyms of beige

noun: ecru; related terms: light brown, chromatic.

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… from moderately wealthy people a small fortune, because cotton is less valuable than sheep’s wool. This generally comprises pure gold.

- wear clothes made ​​from this material: good prospects;

- (Bales of cotton, fabrics) view: business difficulties;

- spin or weave: profit and long journey.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A plant that encases its seed in a thin fiber that is harvested and used as a fabric or cloth.

Complete definition

Cotton …

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… tree, you will be rewarded and you will become a wealthy and commendable man.

Money if collect wool – In a dream you collect wool from the cotton plant, according to the amount of wool you will get finances;

Richness if see citrus tree – If you find a citrus tree, you will become the acquaintance, rich and well-reputed person, because of the odor welfare and fertility of the tree.

Small fortune if pluck leaves (citrus tree) – You plucks leaves from the tree, you such an …

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… definition

Batiste is the softest of the lightweight opaque fabrics. It is made of cotton, wool, polyester, or a blend.

Synonyms of batiste

noun: cambric, lawn; plural: cambrics, lawns; related terms: cloth, fabric, textile, material.

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… A soft, round, flat-crowned hat, designated a “cap”, usually of woven, hand-knitted wool, crocheted cotton, or wool felt, or acrylic fiber.

Beret like headwear has been worn across Europe since pre-Roman times. Mass production began in 19th century France, Spain and Italy, countries with which it remains associated. Berets are worn as part of the uniform of many military and police units worldwide, as well as by other organizations.

Synonyms of beret

noun: barret, cap; …

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… something increasing the funds.

- more or less auspicious: depending on whether it is a ball of wool or cotton.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

To close tightly.

Complete definition

A seal that is applied to formed thin-wall bushings.

Synonyms of clench

verb: clinch, grip, clasp, constrict; related terms: inside clinch, running noose, slip noose, noose, outside clinch, vessel, watercraft.

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… A long-haired domestic animal in South America which is related to the llama, because of its wool.

Synonyms of Alpaca

noun: Lama pacos; plural: Lama pacos; related terms: wool, cloth, fabric, textile, material, genus Lama, Lama.

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Staple (agrafe)

… definition

A Staple is a fibre of a discrete length and may be of any composition, but a wool staple is an independent natural cluster of fibres not a single fibre. A continuous fibre such as natural silk or synthetic is known as a filament not a fibre.

Synonyms of Staple

noun: fastener, fastening, catch, clip, pin; adjective: principal, primary, cardinal, main, chief, leading, capital, major, fundamental, prime, central, basic; related terms: commodity, trade good, good, …

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… dream you unwind silk, this means that you will become sought-after a wrong lover;

Poverty if wool – This dream announces you that you will get into poverty;

Free yourself if thread or yarn  - When you dream thread or yarn unwinds this shows that you do not have to limit or restrict yourself;

Decline if tape – This dream denotes that your property will decrease slowly but steady.

Definition of Unwind:

Short definition

Undo or be undone after winding or …

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… more or less dangerous. Pay attention to your health;

Richness If Seeing goat’s hair or wool – Such a dream means wealth, material prosperity, opulence;

Hard work and Earnings    If dressed in goat wool or hair – To dream, that you or someone else is wearing a dress made of goat hair, there will be a lot of work and effort to irregular income earning.


Uncertainty If Seeing piebald – This dream shows you that happiness is unpredictable and is …

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Yarn (thread)

… machine embroidery.

Synonyms of Yarn

noun: yarns, threads, pack thread, string, cotton, wool, fiber, filament;

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