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General Meanings: In a dream it is important how one reacts to the mail or a letter. The reaction may be that one has taken it with the deep breath, frustrated or even with anxiety. How one opened the letter in the dream, the reaction already describes: If you take a letter hastily or carefully, or did one put it first aside and did not want to open it for this moment at all? The dream has something in life that needs attention. If he puts a le… Continue reading

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In general: Documents can symbolize how similar letter and news; at appropriate circumstances, they may also promised a forthcoming inheritance or other financial gain. Partly symbolize documents important ideas and insights, which we should pay attention. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – open some documents: inheritance. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – see: random prof… Continue reading

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In general: Pencil can bring an artistic (often graphic) ability to express the neglected one. Often seen in the fact that you want to make clear to others or waiting, that they communicate. Together with the sheet of paper (see this word), which is still blank, it follows that the message can be used to develop new ways of life. Pencil can also be pointed that observations are available. In connection with a cartoon mocking it stands for, which… Continue reading

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Through writing

Psychologically: Warns a space that one should protect themselves necessarily a major concern – it is perhaps a little against false allegations must “black on white” prove. It can be very useful and helpful to those dreams seriously, they are often the images of a foreboding, but ignores the one in the fasting day. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Graphism of symbols such as letters that express some meaning…. Continue reading

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In general: – sheet (paper) represents the living space we fill with our personality. – If it is blank it is for the new opportunities that will open soon – The written page indicates that it has been written the way forward for the moment. – If you take a written sheet of paper against someone, it may indicate a role model but which one should not blindly follow. – The leaf of a book is understood as a request to acquire more knowledge. Traditi… Continue reading

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…r the money into pieces in front of me. Please help me to understand what this really means Shanaaz I had a dream that me and my uncle and my mother (both dead) we’re sitting and my uncle told my mother that he would give her 2000 pounds and then she smiled and looked at me and then i had another dream that i received 100000 pound as a check p.s they were both wearing white madison Did you feel sad when they tore up the money you gave them? i thi… Continue reading

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Flower desk

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – This symbol doesn’t have any explanation in Christian culture. Hindu – flower desk in a dream means that you need to give more love to your home and you’ll be happy. Arabian (Islamic) – flower desk means that you love the home life. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A table, frame, or case, usually with sloping top, but often with flat top, for the use writers and readers… Continue reading

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File (record)

Association: Records; organization. Question: What do I want to keep in order? General Meanings: Conflict with inner feelings This dream symbol often means that the dreamer is exposed by emotional stress, suffers from guilt or moral conflict, or it indicates a degree of uncertainty of life. Fear to find not so pleasant things about you Old files that are brought out again means formed mistakes which are not processed yet. The fear of discovery t… Continue reading

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In general: Envelope (envelope) is usually as the outward side of the personality becomes visible, but also seen as their protection against the environment. The precise meaning can be recognized only individually. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to see closed envelope: represent difficulties; – if you are unable to open it and remove the contents, a concern will prove to be groundless. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of… Continue reading

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Deed (all kinds of documents)

In general: The deed in a dream announces that you can expect to get black on white something important in the waking life, that you are promoted. This can mean financial allowances, praise or a professional transportation. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – The dream about documents: an inheritance or a legacy comes to the house which will be for you advantage and benefit; – In the dream you see documents: announces a gift, a special… Continue reading

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In general: Warning not to spend more money than you have. It threatens losses, both emotional and intellectual nature can be. Psychologically: Whoever it is one in a dream, in waking life should be more generous to his fellow man. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – show loss and anger at, nor a sign of greed; – see a lot of banknotes: it will result in financial loss; – include: the situation is worsening. Arabian (Islamic) – count:… Continue reading

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Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) If print – In the dream you make a copy of a picture or book, this announces shame, sadness and fear. Definition of Print: Short definition To press (a mark or design, for example) onto or into a surface. To reproduce (text, pictures, etc.), esp in large numbers, by applying ink to paper or other material by one of various processes Synonyms of print verb: black-and-white, book, character… Continue reading

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WC (lavatory)

…put less emphasis on the gossips of others; Success if plunge – Awesome, you are going to be incredibly lucky. * Please, see meaning of human excrement, toilet. Definition of WC (lavatory): Short definition Before the 20th century, toilet universally referred to personal grooming, bathing and washing combing or arranging one’s hair, shaving, etc., a sense preserved today in toiletry ‘personal grooming item’. Nowadays, it… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to get a postcard in a dream: you should make a disappointment in love, caught the field; – distant lands are recognized in this postcard: face a long journey or wait for it; – to write a postcard: you have a meaningless plans. * Please, see meaning of visual symbols on this postcard. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A card for sending a message by mail without an envelope, typically… Continue reading

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Felix owusu anni I had a dream of finding a plastic container half full of money both notes and coins my countries currency and 100 dollar friends tried to snatch it from me but they couldnt then i started picking them one by one into my pocket.please tell me the meaning…. Continue reading

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Association: Information, leadership, bookkeeping. Question: What I’m trying to figure out? Where do I look for? In general: In dreams the pursuit of knowledge and the ability to learn from the experiences and opinions of the other people who symbolized by books and libraries. Represents both wisdom and spiritual awareness. Often also the following circumstances are more meaningful: – paper for memories: experiences and insights that life… Continue reading

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Postage stamp

Association: Effortless communication. Question: What am I to say or ready to listen? In general: – Who collects it wants to build a new circle of friends around; – Who sticks them is in thoughts on the journey. Psychologically: A value of Icon, which gets a little more sense if you can remember the color of the brand. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – in general: a recompense for mean systematic work; – trying to use re-stamped: the… Continue reading

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…cut through my skin stabbing the worm and it wld either pop or turn into a black bug and jump out of my skin. But the more I cut and killed the more appeared nd bigger they got. They ranged in diff sizes from like a maggot to 2 inches long and they where all white or clear. As I continued to cut through my skin I eventually started ripping pieces of skin of my body and literally pull the worms out and toss em I freaked out so much I woke up out o… Continue reading

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Ring (jewellery)

…onsider, that the laws of society are much lower than the laws of our souls, and we should not give them so much importance. Tsvetkov Dreambook: Ring dream interpretations by Tsvetkov Ring can be interpreted as: 1. Proposal; 2.┬áRelations or relationships; 3.┬áLoss (the dreamer could get a divorce or separation). Vanga’s Dreambook: Dreaming about ring meaning by Baba Vanga The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the circle of event… Continue reading

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…d the screen door and began to go down the steps. I remember feeling like I belonged with them. I noticed how fierce they looked and thinking how magnificent and scary they were. Candi I had a strange dream….it started with 2 wolf like shapes forming above me….they just looked like black shadows….but somehow they were feeding off me like they had stuck straws into me and were sucking my life away……I felt too weak to move and could barel… Continue reading

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In general: Certain activities in our dream world raise the question of whether we use our waking hours makes sense. We may need more physical activity or have to face a new challenge. Maybe we put our personal qualities and to show too much – or not strongly enough. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The condition in which things are happening or being done. Complete definition The state or quality of being active; nimblen… Continue reading

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